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  • Seven Reasons Why I Love Fall Reading Week

    Because we’re all behind on schoolwork or Netflix or both

  • Back to School Basics

    How to survive Year One at the U of W 

  • Summering in the city

    Take advantage of it while you can

  • Real Love Summer Fest

    June 24 to 26: Growing up quick

  • Time well spent?

    Social media shares a curated existence

  • The Middle Coast

    A bright horizon for Brandon band

  • Year of the underdog

    Resolve to beat the New Year’s resolutions odds

  • Favourite local place to see live music

    1. The Good Will Social Club 

    2. The Park Theatre 

    3. The West End Cultural Centre 


    The romanticization of mental illness doesn’t help anyone

  • The PROFile

    The PROFile - Dr. W. Rory Dickson

    Assistant professor, Department of Religion and Culture

  • Reading the future

    Literary adventures are worth your time

  • Dreaming of Big Brother

    Auditioning for fame, fortune and followers

  • University: adulthood in training

    In September, polite small talk usually begins with, “Are you excited to get back to school?” Depending on who’s asking (and my caffeine intake that day), my answers vary from, “Oh yes, I always like heading back,” to an indecipherable burst of enthusiasm that ends with my stammering, “I super love books!”

  • Study up and get SMRT

    First-year students can expect a new component to their University of Winnipeg orientation. In accordance with the University of Winnipeg’s Sexual Misconduct Protocol, which was officially announced in March, all first-year students, Wesmen athletes, administrators, and members of the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) will undergo mandatory sexual misconduct training.


    July 31-August 3 Gimli, Manitoba Almost entirely free, with some capacity-based events at a cost


    Self-deprecation is a Winnipeg trademark. It’s engraved in the city’s character alongside polite small talk about how cold the winter was/is/will be and the quiet fear that one day, Jets fans will riot. Self-deprecation is also the reason that the phrase, “I really like Winnipeg!” comes with a tone of transgression, the careful cadence of an unpopular opinion.

  • Winnipeg Is: Sex Work

    Prostitute. Sex worker. Victim. Whore. Sexually exploited woman. A woman who sells sex has probably been described vivaciously as many, if not all, of these terms at some point in time. She is named by others occasionally with accuracy but often with a deluded discourse that crumbles upon closer examination.

  • From Onanole, with love

    Solo artists Carly Dow and Logan McKillop have a lot in common: familial roots in Onanole, MB, an appreciation for the captivating beauty of Riding Mountain National Park, a comfortable niche in the local singer-songwriter scene and an intimate show set for Feb. 17 at the Times Changed High and Lonesome Club.

  • Question Period

    On Jan. 22, the Honourable Peter Bjornson, Minister of Education and Advanced Learning, addressed students and curious members of the public about the state of post-secondary education in Manitoba.

  • Still with enthusiasm

    The members of up-and-comers autumn still are a humble group - too humble to even use capital letters in their band name. “We’re not looking to be in-your-face,” vocalist and bassist Bethany Swanson says with a smile.