Samantha Sarty

  • Hey you, VOTE!

    Activism is a catalyst for change. Bridgette DePape knows this better than anyone, and aims to engage young people in politics by turning apathy into action.

  • 30 Seconds to Coffee

    Aerobie Inc., a company usually known for it’s high-performance sports toys, introduced the travel-sized and durable AeroPress: a practical time-crunching machine for coffee lovers to use anywhere, anytime.

  • Summer Lovin’

    Being able to see music live in a bar is one thing, but to be able to experience local music outside in an energetic, dazed frenzy is an entirely different animal, and the local music collective behind the Beach Station Blues compilation series, Real Love Winnipeg, aims to do just that.

  • Sitting Pretty

    Rolling up to this St. Boniface café, it felt as though I was getting dropped off at an old friend’s place, as Chaise Café, framed by family homes at 271 Provencher Boulevard, looks more like a cozy house than a restaurant.

  • Happy sad

    In its bio, Winnipeg band Naysa describes its sound as “a gloomy, poppy, patchwork of melancholy and catchy melodies.” The band, which is set to release its latest EP Troubled Heart at the Park Theatre on March 27, considers its downtrodden sincerity to be a large part of its charm.

  • Train keeps a rollin’

    The Underground Comedy Railroad Tour is an all-black comedy tour designed to showcase a segment of the population that isn’t always front and center in Canadian comedy.

  • Keeping Canada creative

    To keep the creative juices flowing in a subarctic country, Weird Canada provides a not-for-profit option of exposure on all artistic fronts.

  • Whose House? RoseAnna’s House

    Everywhere in RoseAnna Schick’s home there is evidence of adventure. Whether it’s treasures from an extreme nature quest or souvenirs from her many media endeavours, she has done, and is doing, a lot of neat stuff.

  • Make it Mediterranean

    Located at 244 Kennedy St, Taste of Mediterranean offers a bold contrast in flavour compared to other neighborhood options. You can get a platter-full of food and a tummy full of happy for a decent price and on the fly.

  • Waterfront wonder Cibo

    Open for less than a month, Cibo Waterfront Café is literally banking on some supreme riverside real estate. Located at 339 Waterfront Drive, Cibo resides in a renovated heritage building that is on the brink of the Red River and the east Exchange District.

  • See songs

    To get your band noticed amongst the sea of sounds, you need eye-catching music videos, album art and merchandise, even in the iTunes age.

  • The Bookstore

    McNally Robinson was founded in Winnipeg in 1981, and is the largest independently run bookstore in Canada.

  • The Campus Radio Show

    James Borsa is the ultimate film guru. He has an irreplaceable amount of knowledge in the realms of film and he displays a true passion for the topic. 

  • A slice of spice

    Corrientes Avenue runs 69 blocks across Buenos Aires, Argentina and is constantly buzzing with activity from tango bars to operatic theatre to gastric delight. 

  • The wonderful world of Ozzy’s

    It felt a little strange approaching the Osborne Village Motor Inn during the day, considering previous journeys there happened well after dark.

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