Sam Swanson

  • Favourite local winter activity

    1. Skating The Forks river trail
    2. Walking (yes, just walking in general)
    3. TIE: Festival du Voyageur, sleeping, drinking, tobogganing

  • Favourite local place to go that no longer exists

    1. Lo Pub
    2. Royal Albert Arms Hotel Bar
    3. Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse

  • Pot plans should benefit more than a chosen few

    Information on how marijuana retailing will work in Manitoba has been billowing in since the announcement that pot sales will be a “hybrid privatization” with Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries distributing to private retailers.

  • Renewing the future of energy

    On Oct. 5, TransCanada cancelled its $15.7 billion plans for the 4,000-kilometer proposed Energy East oil pipeline that would have transported oil from Alberta oil sands projects to supply refineries in the east.

  • Wesmen volleyball team adds golden prospects

    The Wesmen women’s volleyball team might have more potential than their mid-season 1-5 record indicates.

  • Transit Troubles

    Winnipeg Transit has experienced a near comedy of errors following complete disownment by the provincial government, which used to cover half of Winnipeg Transit’s costs.

  • Death traps and debt traps

    One Winnipeg city councillor has declared “all-out war” on illegal rooming houses occupied by students.

  • Amazon wants a piece of city’s subsidies

    As Sears sets to abandon the southwest wing of CF Polo Park, local politicians seek the attention of digital retail giant Amazon.

  • Cult of personality

    The political process is seemingly slipping away from policy and legislation and toward celebrity culture. 

  • Crypto-currencies: Cryptic or Critical?

    Winnipeg’s crypto-community covets a currency, and Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs) are popping up around the city.

  • NDP leadership race seems to be devolving

    The Manitoba New Democratic Party will elect a new leader on Sept. 16

  • Shuffle or shell?

    Cabinet shuffles were in political vogue in August.

  • Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition

    Aug. 17 to 20 // Bringing big names that are off the (pop) charts

  • Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

    July 19 to 30 // Filling the lineup and the seats

  • Winnipeg Fish Festival

    July 8 // Something fishy at The Forks

  • Can’t miss a target that doesn’t exist

    Both the Winnipeg city council and the Manitoba provincial government announced budget cuts that will see 2017 public services scaled back, as well as hiring and wage freezes for those employed by both levels of government.