Sagan Morrow

  • Warm advice for cold weather

    There’s no use denying it: the snow is here to stay. Tempting as it might be to hide indoors and hibernate all winter, unfortunately that’s not realistic. But you don’t have to freeze, either.

  • The truth about cholesterol

    When you’re concerned about maintaining good health, one of the things you might look into is regulating your blood cholesterol levels.

  • Fortifying your diet

    Have you been feeling exceptionally tired lately? Or, weak and stressed? Maybe you’ve been looking pale and feeling light-headed. There are a number of reasons why, and one possible answer is that you could be showing signs of mild anemia.

  • Knowing where your food comes from is well worth the research

    Walk into any grocery store and you’ll see rows upon rows of meat products: chicken drumsticks, juicy steaks, slabs of bacon and more.

  • Screw you Mother Nature, I’m bringing my workout indoors

    If you’re a fair-weather exerciser (like me), you will likely be bringing your fitness routine indoors around this time of year. Goodbye grassy trails, hello boring treadmill.

  • Don’t get tricked into eating too many treats

    Halloween has arrived and candy is filling the shelves. Even if you don’t have kids in the house or if you aren’t planning on handing out treats on Halloween, it can still be a challenge to avoid the candy aisle’s alluring packages.

  • Getting your hunger cues back on track

    We eat for many reasons. We eat because of emotions, stress, social situations or time of day.

  • Tackling the sticky issue of food labelling

    “Grocery shopping” is a phrase that strikes fear in the hearts of many consumers. As if the price tags and the crowds weren’t bad enough, navigating through the food itself can be a huge hassle.

  • The hidden health dangers under your sink

    Cleaning is something that has to be done regularly – just like exercising and eating nutritious foods – to stay healthy. A little dirt never hurt anyone, but living in an unhygienic environment can take a toll on your body.

  • This column brought to you by the letter T(ea)

    Most beverages (think smoothies, soft drinks, alcohol and fruit cocktails) contain a lot of calories without much nutritional benefit. Loaded with added sugars, you aren’t doing your body any favours by consuming these kinds of drinks regularly.

  • Supercharging your soup for the fall season

    Fall weather ushers in soup season. Soup can be a healthy meal if it is done right, and making a large batch on the weekend will ensure that you have enough to last you all week.

  • Absorbing nutrients for dummies

    There are many foods that have plenty of nutrients that our bodies need. Some of these foods are well-known for containing high amounts of a nutrient.

  • Aspire Fitness pushes gym-goers to their limits

    Building strong relationships is really important when it comes to health. This means being comfortable with your body and being able to work closely with others who want to improve your health with you.

  • Livin’ la vida local

    Buying local food is a growing trend across the globe. With more stores opening here in Winnipeg that cater to local farmers, consumers have increased access to a variety of products.

  • Pudding cake recipe uses healthy ingredients

    To live well is to eat well and you all know what that means: meals should be both nutritious and tasty! Luckily, slipping greens and lean protein into main dishes is a fairly simple process.

  • Dispelling health myths

    No matter how healthy we think we are, there are often small ways we can tweak our mindset and our choices to make our lifestyles even healthier.

  • Banjo pickin’ in Africa

    Through Uganda, Tanzania, Gambia and Mali, American banjo player Bela Fleck’s quest is simple: “bring the banjo back to Africa.”

  • Two-legged transit is the best

    It is hard to go anywhere within the city limits and not hear the gentle rumble of a car driving down the street. For about 75 per cent of Canadians, according to a 2007 Statistics Canada report, motor vehicles are the transportation method of choice.

  • Paradise flossed

    Not many dentists have the opportunity to be creative with their work, but Kris Row is no ordinary dentist.

  • Listen to your body when it comes to deciding which foods to eat

    Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to some foods over others? Besides your preference of ice cream over vegetables?

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