Robyn Otto

Volunteer Staff  

  • Stopping sexual violence

    Having a downtown campus means University of Winnipeg students can’t shy away from the harsh realities of living in and around the city’s core. One such reality is sexual violence. 

  • A Step in the Right Direction

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) has proposed that all students be required to take at least three credit hours focusing on Indigenous content in order to graduate. The recommendation, named the Indigenous Requirement, was crafted by the UWSA in conjunction with the University of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Students’ Council and in consultation with the Indigenous Advisory Circle.

  • Fossil Free Future

    We are in the midst of a movement. Before you throw up your hands and cry, “Good Lord, not another one,” as images of Occupy Wall Street and Kony2012 flash through your mind, hear me out. A movement of fossil fuel divestment is gaining support on university campuses across Canada and the United States.

  • Heart to Heart

    “I actually hate Valentine’s Day, a lot,” says Meg Crane, Editor-in-Chief of Cockroach Zine.

  • Winterizing ability

    Winter in Winnipeg is upon us. The mercury has plummeted and the snow has started falling. Buses have filled as people trade their walking shoes and bike helmets for bus passes (except for the winter cyclists, whose grit puts us all to shame). In the true Winnipeg way, conversations have started to begin with a brief synopsis of the long-range forecast. Such is winter.

  • Good Will Hunting

    My primary reaction upon walking into The Good Will Social Club for the first time was confusion. Is it a coffee shop? A bar? Does pizza taste good with coffee? This was followed almost immediately by the thought that I was simply not cool enough to be there: the crowd on a Tuesday afternoon was dominated by a sea of flannel, toques and MacBooks. 

  • Bus stop blues

    A man sits on a bus after a long day at work. All he wants to do is go home and binge watch the latest season of whatever on Netflix. At this point in his day, he’s feeling the urge to relax a little, maybe even do something crazy, like listen to that ‘90s playlist he keeps for special occasions on his iPhone. But today, this man decides to sprawl his knees across two seats instead of his allotted single space.

  • You’re not your f-cking khakis

    Like many students, I work at the mall. This means I spend what most might call an appalling amount of time there. My store also lacks a back room where employees can eat mall lunches consisting of mediocre pizza and fried rice among the stock boxes, so I spend more time than most watching people shop.