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  • Salinas

    Made up of Matt Austman and Darcy Penner, formerly of The Furr, Salinas has not only put out a solid first release but the record also features a who’s who of the Winnipeg music scene.

  • Dave Bidini illuminates the unseen side of ‘The Beautiful Game’

    The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa transmitted images of “The Beautiful Game” across the globe and seemed to give it a new meaning, as it was held on a continent where, for some, it’s all or nothing.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Local musicians embracing digital marketing renaissance

    We are increasingly living in a digital age of PVR, peer-to-peer sharing, social media and flashy gadgetry. With the popularity of pirating music and the new DIY culture, artists are having to find new and creative ways of getting their music out there, and finding new ways of standing out from the crowd.

  • With the eyes of a child

    Local artist Reymond Pagé travelled the world for 275 days, going 30,000 miles by plane, boat, train, bus, car, rickshaw, camel and foot. It’s something most of us can only dream of, but Pagé has turned it all into an art exhibit, where the viewer can come along for the ride.

  • Exploring our urges to play with the grotesque

    Local artist Dominique Rey’s exhibition Pilgrims is an exploration of the beautiful and the grotesque; it is a collection of portraits that will thrill you and make you cringe.

  • Embracing the end of someone else’s life

    There is no doubt about it – Bodies… The Exhibition brings controversy along with it wherever it goes, and Winnipeg is no exception.


    Vocalist and guitarist JD Ormond’s voice is thin and reedy, even pitchy at times (which makes me think of Pavement), and the lyrics leave something to be desired, but pause and listen to just the music and it will take you away.

  • Playing their hearts out

    It’s fair to say that the members of Les Jupes have more than enough experience under their belts, but they’re hoping one September evening will be the turning point in their musical careers.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Modern day pioneers in Manitoba

    Imagine moving from a bustling neighbourhood in a big city to a small cabin with no electricity, plumbing or running water.


    Winnipeg’s own weirdos have created a rock opera based on the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. To listen to The Wild Things is a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Livin’ on a prairie

    Local indie darlings Enjoy Your Pumas are some lucky cats. The band has never gone on tour, but they opened for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock in Regina this past July.

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