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  • Propping up The Tallest Poppy

    After closing up the doors to its Main Street incarnation early last year, popular all day eatery The Tallest Poppy has a new lease on life.

  • BLACKLI$T is anything but bleak

    Having true style isn’t just about following what’s “in”, it’s about being one step ahead AND creating what everyone will want (even if they don’t know it yet). Peter Takis, 19, is the owner of BLACKLI$T, a new apparel and accessories shop that is the new go-to store for urban tastemakers in Winnipeg.

  • Street Sweets

    When you think summer food you think ultra-portable savory goods, usually from a food truck or street vendor, wrapped in a napkin, and ready for consumption. There’s all the usual suspects: street meat, falafel, pizza by the slice, subs - but what is there to offer for those with more of a sweet tooth? The cupcake fills all of the above criteria, while also being cute (kudos).

  • Jekyll and Hyde’s Freehouse Takes Flight

    There were a few things that intrigued me about the new bar/restaurant taking over the place of The Cheer: the name, the fact that they were boasting 29 taps, and the fact that they just recently finished building a nice new patio.

  • What’s up Doc?

    Walking into Green Carrot off of the bustling streets of Osborne village is almost like taking a deep breath in.

  • Getting Crafty

    At first glance, Manitoba seems to have a pretty good foot in the craft-beer-industry-door: we have two great local breweries, Half Pints and Fort Garry, the annual Flatlanders beer festival is held in June, and Barley Brothers, Winnipeg’s only craft beer pub, was an instant success.

  • Developing Feelings about Downtown

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 10 years, you’ve probably noticed that downtown Winnipeg has been working on boosting its ‘street cred’: 62 new developments have been built from 2010-2013, more than two billion dollars has been invested since 2005, and a million visits to the MTS Centre have been recorded annually, according to the Downtown Trends Report.

  • Here to stay

    These days, it’s hard to imagine a time when Osborne wasn’t lined with tattoo and piercing shops, and going to summer festivals didn’t mean seeing a whole variety of people’s ink and piercings on display.

  • Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?

    Winnipeg’s winter season this year has been one we won’t forget anytime soon. Our city was colder than the North Pole and Mars for a day, and according to the Weather Network the Winnipeg area was the coldest place on earth this winter, with 54 days below normal temperatures.

  • The importance of public health

    What does the term ‘public health’ mean to you? Most people probably have never put any serious consideration into the impact of this concept on our everyday lives, but Dr. Joel Kettner is looking to address this in his four-part lecture series, Public Health in the 21st Century.

  • Making waves

    Sherbrook Pool, an 84 year-old facility in the heart of the inner city, is finally opening its doors once again with the help of $2.8 million of combined funding from the city’s 2014 budget, the province and private donors. The City of Winnipeg called for the pool’s closure in November 2012 after an inspection revealed serious structural problems caused by corrosion in the roof beams.

  • The shackles of sleep

    There are times where we all experience a love/hate relationship with sleep, but what if that feeling never went away? 

  • Explain the manganese, please

    It’s no secret that Winnipeg’s water has always been a little murky. But, with the opening of the city’s new $300 million water treatment plant in 2009, the impression was that this problem would go away. What followed, however, was an increase in brown water complaints starting in 2010, and hitting an all-time high in 2013.

  • Lifting the veil

    Even with the agricultural background we have in Manitoba, many of us are still in the dark about where our food comes from and who produces it. The annual Growing Local conference, organized by Food Matters Manitoba, aims to educate people about our local food economy, and hopefully dispel some of this uncertainty. The conference runs February 28 to March 1 this year.

  • Riding year-round

    Winnipeg is notorious for its harsh winters, so it should come as no surprise that our city has been chosen to host the 2nd annual International Winter Cycling Congress. From February 12-14, cycling enthusiasts will gather at the Forks to listen to professionals and delegates from across the globe discuss anything and everything related to winter cycling.

  • Are we really safe and sound?

    With just over 10,000 students at the University of Winnipeg, and countless other people passing through the downtown campus everyday, there’s reasonable concern about security and personal safety. Due to a recent uptick of lockers being broken into and personal items getting stolen, students have cause to wonder how safe their belongings actually are – even when they are locked up

  • U-Pass moves forward

    After a Winnipeg City Council meeting on January 29, the wheels are finally in motion for the Universal Bus Pass project to become a reality.

  • The Gallery

    The Winnipeg Art Gallery has been an integral part our downtown core and our city’s appreciation of the arts since its establishment in 1912.

  • The Celebrity

    Chances are you’ve heard Ace Burpee’s unique voice at some point, either while he is hosting his popular morning show on 103.1 Virgin Radio, speaking at a charity event or doing his live on location work all over Winnipeg.

  • True self

    When listening to such singers as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, with their powerful yet velvety singing voices, it might make you momentarily wish you had the ability to sing like that.

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