Rachel Narvey

  • U of W provides grading options during pandemic

    Students at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) will have multiple options for how course marks will appear on their transcripts in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, following a motion from University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA).

  • Faith Healer - Try ;)

    Try ;), Edmonton act Faith Healer’s sophomore album, begins in medias res, with the drone of a dial tone.

  • Rainbow Trout Music Festival

    August 19 to 21: A three-day-long hug

  • Ballet in the park

    July 27 to 29: Dancing the Nutcracker in July

  • TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

    June 16 to 26: The Jazz Age comes to Downtown Winnipeg

  • Sean Paul

    Like MSN messenger and too-tight halter tops, Sean Paul’s identity is inextricably tied with the 2000s. 

  • Art class Re:Union

    Fine Arts grads exhibit together

  • Mozart’s Sister’s in for Big Fun

    Electronic musician joins in on Winnipeg’s winter music festival

  • Big Fun in Winnipeg

    Winter music festival tempts hibernators outside

  • The case for vinyl

    As told by someone who doesn’t own any records

  • Favourite independent business person

    1. Nils Vik / Quinn Greene (tie) 

    2. Danika Bonk and Drex Serdletz of Tiny Feast 

    3. Graham Bargen of Thom Bargen / Mandel Hitzer of Deer + Almond / Justin Ludwar of Beet Happening (tie)

  • So what does it mean?

    Art in buffeteria spurs conversation


    U of W prof says polluted lake is a lost cause

  • Streeter

    Oct 15, 2015 … Streeter. "If you had to live with one federal candidate for a week, who would it be?"

  • Queerer than Netflix

    MediaQueer’s online database curates and preserves film

  • Muddle your memory

    Acclaimed oral historian praises imperfect imagination

  • Small choices to change the world

    You’d be hard-pressed to find someone from the past couple generations who didn’t grow up revering Jane Goodall. 

  • New music made easy

    Finding your next favourite jam can sometimes be a bit of a pain. After you’ve hit up all your friends for their recommendations and sifted through countless YouTube videos, you might still be at a loss. Luckily, Manitoba Music is teaming up with The Good Will Social Club to do the work for you. The monthly New Music Night will bring in three local acts each month for just a $3 cover.


    August 13th-16 2015 Various venues downtown Advanced full festival passes are $75, outdoor concerts at the Cube are free


    Festival season can mean many things to a lot of different people. Universally, it seems to promise good music, fun, and a forum in which you can test the waters by pushing your daily fashion in directions you normally wouldn’t. While for a lot of folks this might mean shirking the casual business attire in favour of a flow-y skirt or some rad shorteralls, some still unfortunately connote freedom and fashion with headdresses and bindis.

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