Rachel Barber


  • Riding Mountain National Park Film Festival

    July 11 to 16 // Experiencing film through the great outdoors

  • Blue Hills Fibre Festival

    June 10 // Exploring the fibre arts through workshops and demonstrations

  • Highlights from black media

    What to watch, listen to and read by black creators

  • V-Day isn’t just for couples

    Public service announcement: Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. 

  • Popularity of tea is growing

    Tea is hot, and local shops are opening all over town to meet the demand.

  • Travel by train

    Train travel requires extra planning and greater flexibility, but it pays off in spades.

  • Favourite Local place to eat

    1. Stella’s Cafe & Bakery
    2. Tallest Poppy
    3. Deer + Almond

  • Favourite Local Writer

    1. Thomas Pashko
    2. Melissa Martin
    3. Honourable mentions: Miriam Toews, David Bergen, Jen Zoratti

  • Showcasing Indigenous-led activism on Instagram

    What Brings Us Here – the National Film Board’s (NFB) latest social media project – is an experimental photo essay launched through Instagram.

  • Healing with a colouring book

    Anishinaabe artist Jackie Traverse publishes a book for women

  • Searching for justice in film

    One River, Many Relations, directed by Dr. Stéphane McLachlan with videographer Michael Tyas, will be screened at the 14th annual Global Justice Film Festival (GJFF).

  • A Winnipegger’s adventure in a graphic novel

    Winnipeg author Jamie Michaels describes his soon-to-be-released graphic novel Canoe Boys as equal parts adventure romp and personal development roadmap, filtered through a grotesque Canadian imagination.

  • Preserving the harvest

    Enjoy summer’s produce through the winter

  • Failed feminism for breakfast

    Body-positive advertising is insidious