Phil Enns

  • Documentary sheds light on the music that fuelled the civil rights movement

    The civil rights movement of the 1950s and ‘60s, under the leadership of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a time of great social change when African-Americans banded together in an effort to achieve equal rights through non-violent demonstrations.


    Phil Enns

  • Playing with fire

    Will Bonness lives and breathes music.

    For the past six years, the local jazz pianist has been one of the mainstays at the Cool Monday Night Hang, a weekly jazz jam session which currently takes place at the Orbit Room on Pembina.

  • TRIO BEMBE - Trio Bembe

    For several years now, Steinbach singing sensation Amber Epp has been wowing local jazz audiences with her ability to take virtually any jazz standard and make it her own.

  • DOUG EDMOND - Between the Shadows and the Light

    With In Between the Shadows and the Light, Doug Edmond assumes the role of an aging hipster longing for the good old days à la John Mellencamp.

  • THE MISSION LIGHT - Hearts for City Limits

    The Mission Light’s debut, Hearts for City Limits, boasts a fascinating blend of folk and pop elements.