Noni Brynjoson

  • Aboriginal cartoonist drew humour

    Faced with life in a wheelchair, artist Everett Soop used his sharp wit to overcome the many disadvantages in his life. Soop, who suffered from muscular dystrophy, created cartoons that combined a dark humour with his advocacy of aboriginal rights, and later, rights for the disabled.

  • Working histories

    Looking for a great way to spend International Women’s Day on Mar. 8 this year? The Winnipeg Art Gallery exhibition She Works Hard… is a must-see for those interested in connections between art, feminism and labour. It’s also a chance to see several historical and contemporary gems from the WAG’s permanent collection.

  • Art that’s contemporary, political and conservative

    Alongside All Power to the People!, an exhibition of Black Panther poster art, Afshin Matlabi’s Terrorism, Democracy, Leisure is one of two politically-themed art shows currently being held at Aceartinc.

  • Looking at revolution

    Are Americans finally on the right track? Was Barack Obama’s inauguration a sign that racial harmony is at last a reality for our neighbours to the south?

  • Slurpees, beer and installation art

    Walking into Jennifer Stillwell’s exhibition at Plug In ICA is like entering a construction zone gone haywire, where tofu spews out of vents and crunched up crackers cover logs of black asphalt-like material.