Nick Ternette

  • Health gap between rich and poor widening

    The gap in health between the richest and poorest Manitobans has grown significantly in the last 20 years.

  • Increasing transit fares bad public policy

    Here we go again.
    In 2012 there is an additional increase in transit fares of $0.05.

  • Ellice Café was more than a restaurant

    For the past three years we have lived in an accessible apartment in the West End because both my wife and I are in wheelchairs.

  • Put an end to food banks

    One of the issues that people who work in the poverty field face is how to reduce poverty in this country.

  • Missing the mark

    In mid-February, Winnipeg Harvest and the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg released its Aceptable Living Level (ALL) report for 2012.

  • Poverty in Winnipeg: Food bank usage shows scope of poverty in the city

    One of the more concerning adages that rings true in our city today is “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.”

  • Unfounded concern, dumbfounding solution

    It is ironic to note that during the Christmas season when “giving” and “sharing” are so important, 70 per cent of Winnipeggers want to crack down on people who beg for money and squeegee at busy intersections.

  • Splitting the vote

    Change was simply not in the air in spite of an increase in voter turnout from the municipal election of 2006.

  • Give poverty the respect it deserves

    Seemingly, the only two issues that have been debated during this civic election are crime and property taxes. There is no question that these are important issues to some Winnipeggers.

  • The Better Voter Series: Candidacy changes not for the better

    It is interesting to note that there has been more controversy over mayoral nominations than ever before, at least since the creation of Unicity in 1971.

  • The Better Voter Series: Reflections of a fringe candidate

    After participating in five Winnipeg mayoral campaigns, I have often been asked whether or not it was worth running.

  • Responding to violence in the West End

    As you are likely aware, there has been an increasing level of violence in the West End over the past number of weeks - including the rape of a young girl on Langside Street and the murders of two young people, which were gang related.

  • Same old song and dance

    The City of Winnipeg released its 2010 preliminary operating budget on Tuesday, Feb. 16. To no one’s surprise, it holds the line on property taxes for the 13th year in a row. In fact, during Mayor Glen Murray’s term, there was a slight decrease in property taxes.

  • What the Citizens’ Coalition could be

    In June 2008, over 180 excited citizens formed the Winnipeg Citizens’ Coalition, a progressive political movement that would challenge our pro-business city council headed by Mayor Sam Katz.

  • The MTS Centre has not revitalized downtown

    You might have noticed a glossy brochure in the Winnipeg Free Press recently promoting the success of the MTS Centre during the five years it has been in operation.