Murat Ates


  • Favourite new local album

    1. Begonia, Lady in Mind
    2. Propaghandi, Victory Lap
    3. TIE: Tunic, Boss/Slow Spirit, Unnatured

  • This time, it’s personal for Alexa Dirks

    Alexa Dirks, the soulfully self-conscious singer at the heart of Begonia, is following up her sold-out March 3 EP release by writing music for her first full-length album.

  • Sean Skene has set himself on fire – for work

    Sean Skene has been beaten up, set on fire and launched from the roof of a moving Jeep – all in the name of a day’s work.

  • Non-traditional concerts

    Some Winnipeg organizations and musicians are moving away from hosting traditional shows.

  • From Here & Away launches clothing line

    Joseph Visser, the photographer behind Winnipeg-based creative platform From Here & Away, wants to make it easier for people to wear their values on their sleeves.