Michael Welch

  • Dangerous double standards

    If you are looking for reasons to distrust the perennial narrative about Canada as a just and equitable society, try having a conversation with Ethiopian-Canadian Ali Saeed about the saga of Tarek Loubani and John Greyson – two men just released from an Egyptian prison after weeks in captivity.

  • Reflections On democracy

    On the evening of September 19, I (along with about twenty other people) was treated to a panel discussion at the University of Winnipeg focusing on whether or not Canada’s political party system contributes or detracts from a healthy and vibrant democratic process.

  • Alternative media plays crucial role

    Getting into the media is a big deal.

  • Idle No More not slowing down

    So, how about that Idle No More?

  • The secret Canadian bank bailout

    The meme persists, especially in the wake of Mark Carney’s elevation to economic “rock star” status. Canada’s strong economic fundamentals helped it endure the recession better than most other countries in the world.

  • Lest we forget

    The Americans call it Veterans Day.

  • Environment or economy a difficult trade-off

    On Oct. 1, I was extremely privileged to have former CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin, and academic, broadcaster and superstar environmentalist David Suzuki in the CKUW studio.

  • A handbook for rebellion

    It is difficult to overstate the role of the written word in helping to form and foster the idealism that has sparked activism in our society.

  • Human rights hypocrisy

    I received the call around the middle of August, during a week I had planned to take away from my news duties at CKUW.

  • What really happened on 9/11?

    In 2010, prominent anti-war critic George Galloway came to Winnipeg as part of a multi-city speaking tour entitled “Free Palestine, Free Afghanistan, Free Speech.”

  • Digging the bitumen out

    In one of my most talked about radio interviews to date, Saint Boniface Conservative MP Shelly Glover took me to task over my use of the term “tar sands” to describe the thick formations of petroleum, sand and clay that cover much of northern Alberta.

  • A tough situation

    “I encourage you to join us in a province-wide effort to raise awareness about domestic violence and the resources available to families affected by this issue. ... We all have an important role to play in preventing domestic violence in our families and in our community.”

  • I want my decision back

    Elections are generally assumed to be a mechanism by which citizens in a society may govern their affairs. Government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” as Abraham Lincoln put it, can best be achieved if participants in our society select, from a slate of candidates, the one who best sympathizes with their concerns and interests.

  • Tragedy told untruthfully

    With the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks only days away, people in America, Canada and most of the western world are being treated to a barrage of messages about this momentous occasion.

  • The Better Voter Series: You can’t fight city hall… or so the saying goes

    The obstacles facing citizen groups and social justice advocates who attempt to influence policy decisions at the municipal level can seem insurmountable. Indeed, this sentiment may have something to do with the abysmally low voter turnout that typically dogs civic elections.