Meg Crane

  • Islendingadagurinn

    August 11 to 14: Celebrating Icelandic culture

  • Manitoba Sunflower Festival

    July 22 to 24: Sharing Altona culture

  • Gimli Film Festival

    July 20 to 24: Movie night on the beach

  • The Do’s of festival packing

    Preparation is key to a good time

  • Winnipeg Folk Festival

    July 7 to 10: Bringing in the bluegrass

  • Dauphin’s Countryfest

    June 30 to July 3: Country music’s finest

  • Ellice Street Festival

    June 10 to 11: Celebrating the West End

  • Trombones and fairies and swords, oh my!

    Building community around alternative hobbies

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Theatre scholarships // Life’s Little Things // Cafeteria // I Beg Your Parton // Salsa Sundays // Sweet Alibi

  • Wacken in Winnipeg

    Four bands battle for a chance to go to Germany

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Wood Land School // Winnipeg French Cinema Festival // Doodle After Dark // Unlimited cupcakes // Indigenous Men and Masculinities // Butterfly 

  • In with the old

    The rising popularity of antiques

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Manitoba Music in Austin // The Windys // Another Night Out // Myth of the Ostrich // Federal Lights // Empty Train

  • Chickadee Richard

    The Uniter Speakers Series: Water and Indigenous Women's Wisdom

  • Freda Huson

    The Uniter Speakers Series: Water and Indigenous Women's Wisdom

  • Smooth Sailing

    Boats plays its last show

  • Arts and culture briefs

    WAC grants // Freeze Frame // Poetry workshop // Pysanka eggs // What if… // Our own theatre awards

  • Why IWD?

    International Women’s Day marks 106 years of fighting for women’s rights

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Using an arts degree // Houston tribute // The Sheepdogs // Women of rock // Architecture+Film

  • Political poem goes viral

    A Winnipeg women’s poem about indigenous lives speaks volumes

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