Matthew Tenbruggencate

  • Reflections on festival season

    Festival season is fast approaching and Winnipeople will soon flock to the many festivals that fill this city’s sweet, sunny months, enjoying our town’s neighbourhoods, cultures and arts.

  • The souls behind the plastic

    It all started as a joke last year at the University of Winnipeg’s Student Film Festival.

  • Artist on artist (on artist)

    Ross McMillan and Sarah Constible are two mainstays of the Winnipeg theatre scene. They’re being directed by Bill Kerr in Theatre Projects Manitoba’s current production of Steve Ratzlaff’s Dionysus in Stony Mountain, a play in which a prison psychiatrist and her patient (who’s chosen to go off his meds) debate Nietzsche, Canada’s prison system and the inability of institutions to facilitate personal healing. The Uniter caught up with them between rehearsals.

  • An extraordinary, emotionally charged masterwork

    Angels in America can’t be called “just another play.” It would be like calling Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible a decent LP, or saying Mad Men is an OK period piece.

  • An enduring reminder of the joy of live theatre

    Two voices joyfully chant the poem in perfect harmony.

  • The Boyz are back

    Prairie Theatre Exchange’s main space is in a state of controlled chaos as the media call for Altar Boyz - PTE’s current co-production with Winnipeg Studio Theatre - gets going.

  • Local ladies live loud

    “People - not just women - have a hard time expressing their biggest and best desires,” says Winnipeg-based comedian and life coach Aisha Alfa. “When someone gives you the space to speak to who you are and the positive things in your life, it gives you power.”

  • Anything’s possible

    Several wooden platforms, a gravel pit and hanging street lamps fill the performing space of the University of Winnipeg’s theatre building.

  • Playing it personal

    Imagine, one day, a loved one disappears without a trace.