Matthew Teklemariam

Arts and culture reporter  

  • Identikit (The Driver’s Seat)

    Plays at Cinematheque Sept. 21, 24 and 25

  • Don’t roll over just yet, Beethoven

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (MCO), and they’re partying like it’s 1799.

  • The mystique lives on

    In a music industry preoccupied with self-perpetuation, Yes We Mystic bucks the trend with decisive finality.

  • Culled craft for a cause

    A group of philanthropic Winnipeg seniors are repurposing donated artwork to raise proceeds for AIDS relief in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Reflecting on place and music

    The idea of Winnipeg as a muse may seem peculiar, even pedestrian to its denizens.

  • Look on their works, ye Manitobans, and rejoice!

    For decades, Contemporary Verse 2 has positioned itself as a bastion of the poetry scene. The published poetry quarterly, headquartered in the ArtSpace building on Arthur Street, is the oldest of its kind in Canada.

  • Indie comics step into the spotlight

    Small-press comic books will take centre stage at the fifth annual Prairie Comics Festival, which runs from Sept. 10 to 11 at the West End Cultural Centre.