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  • Critipeg: Bad Girls Go To Hell and Indecent Desires

    Play at the Dave Barber Cinematheque Feb. 20 and 27

  • Shining ever-loving lights on the exchange

    If Winnipeg’s bustling Exchange District seems brighter as of late, there’s no need to get your prescription checked. An exploratory exhibition combining light and art installations in a novel way recently arrived on its famed streets.

  • Aisha Alfa and cohorts return for Park Theatre party

    On Feb. 9, an eclectic group of comedians will take the stage to serve up belly laughs – with a Chubby Checker-style twist.

  • Black pride, no prejudice

    When Joseph Ahissou first moved to Canada from his home in the Republic of Benin, he became distinctly aware of a part of his identity for the first time.

  • Crafting the self

    When long-time collaborator Shaneela Boodoo was enlisted as a guest curator at the C2 Centre for Craft, she relished the opportunity to create a cohesive and self-reflexive exhibition.

  • Hearts full of rhythm

    Gracing Winnipeg dancefloors as of late is a certain sect of dancers. Their movements are easily traced, smooth and free-flowing with the utmost poise and dexterity. The envious need not despair. If they had it their way, everybody in Winnipeg would join their foot-stomping ranks.

  • Critipeg: In Water

    Plays at the Dave Barber Cinematheque Jan. 26 to 28

  • Taking appropriation out of the recipe

    The cookbook is a fixture of the kitchen as much as any edible ingredient. A new exhibit at the PLATFORM Centre for Photographic and Digital Arts asks those who use the culinary tomes to engage with other cultures to consider their impact and authority.

  • Dread who’s coming to dinner

    Dinner parties can be a social minefield on a good evening. A festive atmosphere combined with expected decorum and free-flowing wine can be a recipe for disaster – which makes it all the more relieving, and amusing, when one can step back and simply watch it unfold.

  • Coming soon to a theatre near you and a galaxy far, far away

    On Dec. 18, Star Wars fans were greeted with a surprise announcement. This time, though, it wasn’t just another spinoff movie slated for development or a new line of action figures.

  • Critipeg: Maestro

    Streaming now on Netflix

  • Aloha means goodbye, among other things

    Over the past year, downtown denizens encountered a microcosm of tropic island life – the more luxurious parts, anyway – while walking past the Royal Albert Arms Hotel.

  • Favourite local barber or hairstylist

    1. Shawna Friederici (261 Hair Company)

    2. Jas Moran (The Barber Bae)

    3. Walter Spooner (Waltz on In)

  • Favourite local podcast

    1. Witchpolice Radio

    2. The Reel Debaters

    3. Barking Dog

  • Favourite local achiever under 30/Favourite local comedian/Favourite local social-media presence

    Favourite local achiever under 30

    1. Jimmy Skinner

    2. Lauren Wittmann

    3. Jelynn Dela Cruz

    Favourite local comedian

    1. Jimmy Skinner

    2. Jesse Bercier

    3. Sarah Jane Martin / Spencer Adamus (tie)

    Favourite local social-media presence

    1. Jimmy Skinner

    2. Carter Chen (Ritzcracka)

    3. Winnipeg Wildin

  • Critipeg: My Animal

    Plays at Cinematheque from Dec. 1 to 10

  • Yo-ho-ho (and a bottle of paint)

    The seasick and thalassophobic should steer clear of the Exchange District’s always vibrant cre8ery Gallery and Studio for the next few weeks. For everyone else, batten down the hatches and explore artist Maureen Babb’s newest collection, A Star to Steer by, from Nov. 23 to Dec. 5.

  • Critipeg: Funny Pages

    Plays at Cinematheque on Nov. 29

  • With liberty and kickflips for all

    Winnipeg skaters have recently found themselves at a sort of moral crossroads. Over the past few years, local skateboarders have accused The Edge Skatepark, located in the Youth for Christ (YFC) Activity Centre on King Street, of discriminatory hiring practices and other non-inclusive measures.

  • Diasporic discussion at Cinematheque

    Of all the movies screening at downtown Winnipeg’s only movie theatre, keep an eye out for a few non-English films from across the pond making their Canadian debuts – even if they’re decades old.

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