Matt Austman

  • Finding hope during the end times

    At the surface level, there is almost no hope for humanity in a world that is rapidly approaching apocalyptic catastrophe.

  • The Wolseley Anarchists

    They are making informed, self-reflexive and dedicated anarchists around the city slap their head every time they pass through Wolseley.

  • Why we should oppose human rights

    The idea of universal human rights has proven to be one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th, and so far, the 21st centuries.

  • The trouble with the bottled water ban

    The problem with reforming a corporatized university is that any “progressive” reforms made are often passive ones that reek of double standards.

  • The politics of sexship

    Sexship occurs when you are not just friends, but not quite dating.

  • The Cuban paradox

    Cuba is truly a dichotomy. On one hand, Cuba’s leadership has gone through a gradual decline since the revolution, which has harmed the reputation of socialism, eroded the credibility of leftist philosophy, and constrained the ability for the left to make headway into Western politics.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Manufacturing consent by generalizing dissent

    The Canadian government believes the increasing international criticism of the Israeli government is related to a rise in anti-Semitism.

  • The ties of hatred that bind

    Hatred for LGBT* people is spreading like wildfire in Uganda, but many of the arsonists are from North America.

  • The Security Council isn’t the only way

    A few weeks ago, Canada was defeated in its bid for a two-year rotating seat on the United Nations Security Council.

  • Canada needs to decriminalize prostitution immediately

    Out of all the laws in Canada, those which criminalize prostitution are amongst the most discriminatory, harmful and regressive.

  • The downtown is no laughing matter

    Winnipeg has a long history of group segregation. City districts are divided economically, politically, racially and socially. But a few things do unite Winnipeggers, one of which is our regressive views on crime, homelessness and the downtown.

  • A question of ethics

    Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will tell you that if you have money to invest and want to see high rates of financial return, you should invest in one of the “big five” banks in Canada: Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal and Bank of Nova Scotia. Investing in Canada’s banks is good because it will earn you lots of money.

  • Conspiring against a convincing argument

    Dear “new world order” conspiracy believers: please stop preaching divisive propaganda and saying that it reflects the truth of the world.

  • Exploring the aid gap in Pakistan

    Pakistan has fallen victim to the worst natural disaster of the decade. The United Nations has classified it as worse than the 2004 Asian tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake,and the 2010 Haitian earthquake combined.

  • American Apparel dropping more than drawers

    Ladies and gentlemen, stock up on that ever-so-sexy American Apparel apparel because you may no longer be able to in a few months time.

  • Armenian genocide denial in Turkey

    Genocide denial is a hot topic that can often blur the lines between freedom of speech and hate speech.

  • Censoring the debate, or just the left-wing?

    After decades of militarization, occupation of Palestinian territories and disrespect for international law, it’d be a noteworthy task for the Israeli government to be any more repressive of opposing intellectual opinions.  But they managed to show the global community that they could do so, and they did so this time by refusing to let Noam Chomsky into their nation to be a guest-lecturer at the West Bank Birzeit University.

  • Free downtown bus could be so much more

    The bus driver finally looks at me, waits a moment, frowns and opens the door. I get on at an intersection instead of a stop; he doesn’t approve. Either that, or he hates his job and gets upset at people easily.

  • Greece’s economic turmoil

    When you put together a $486 billion deficit, sweeping cuts to the public service, fiscal conspiracies with Goldman Sachs, widespread police brutality and wage cuts, the situation is right for a growing movement aimed at anarchist revolution.

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