Madeline Bogoch

  • Crafting Catharsis

    If one were to conduct a poll regarding the purpose of art, there would likely be little in the way of consensus. Some may argue that art is meant to serve social causes, while others emphasize personal expression, the pursuit of beauty or simply art for art’s sake.

  • Mourning and medieval metaphor

    It’s nearly impossible to describe grief without metaphor. Perhaps this is a testament to the failure of literal language to capture something so profoundly complex.

  • Vibrant matter

    In a dreamy and ambiguous landscape, iridescent amoebas surround the ruins of obsolete electronics. Brilliantly coloured fungal growths cling to the edges of discarded circuit boards.

  • Here comes a regular

    The atmosphere at Supercaffeinated and Primo’s Deli, located in the Good Will Social Club, stands in stark contrast to the ubiquitous look of typical third-wave coffee shops, characterized by minimalism and pastels. Supercaffeinated is darker, louder and, frankly, more fun.

  • Prairie allegories

    Local author and researcher Owen Toews’ debut novel, Island Falls, follows an unnamed narrator who recalls their time as a student in a small, Marxist program in New York and their friendship with another student, Jan, who writes inquiries into the history of his hometown, Island Falls.

  • Spooky action

    The Dave Barber Cinematheque will honour late avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger with a survey of his works on Oct. 28.