Lynnette McLarty

  • GHOSTKEEPER - Ghostkeeper

    “I-I-I I’m gonna leave by morning” has never sounded so catchy, which makes the charm and ease of Ghostkeeper’s storytelling impressive.

  • Three dimensions of Vlad-itude

    Winnipeg, prepare to meet your Vlad-Master. The Vlad, a cleverly adapted name for your typical View-Master, was “created” by Portland-based experimental filmmaker Vladimir Solmon a few years ago.

  • BRADLEY - Mountain Tiger Wolf

    Bradley’s Mountain Tiger Wolf is basically an indie techno loop of random pop culture highlights since 1972.

  • JENNY WHITELEY - Forgive or Forget

    Forgive or Forget is a fairly standard, cutesy, bluegrass/country album, comparable to Sarah Harmer.

  • Fashion from the very beginning

    Based in Winnipeg, Spirocreations is an international clothing line of hand-stitched leather apparel including designs of footwear, leather necklaces, shawls, belts, cowls and earrings.

  • ALANA LEVANDOSKI - Lions and Werewolves

    Genuinely folksy, Alana Levandoski gives an introspective look at her own decisions, with expectant glance towards mistakes and compromise.

  • THE ZOLAS - Tic Toc Tic

    “My balls are coals / I don’t know how much more I can take of this,” he sings. Just one of many not-so-shy lyrics on Tic Toc Tic, the latest album from this Vancouver-based duo, which gives the band a sort of love-me-or-leave-me quality.

  • Gently poking your brain with a stick of ethics

    “I want to be able to understand things,” blinks patient Pinky.

  • MATT WARD - Thrift Shopping

    Warning fellow cynical citizens: Ideals and charisma are themes abounding on this album

  • Pale Blue Hope: Death and Life in Asian Peacekeeping

    Opening with the words “A prostitute with her legs spread wide” is an effective attention grab if nothing else.

  • LHASA - Lhasa

    Longlisted for this year’s Polaris Music Prize, the sheer brilliance of the poetry on this disc alone makes me rave about Lhasa. It also helps that her music comes from beautiful and non-existent lands – it’s trippy.

  • Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

    Listening to Chris Wollard makes me want to take a permanent road trip.