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  • If we build it…

    In the last few years, there has been blistering hot architectural prowess in Winnipeg.

  • Canadian blend country

    “It’s just as easy as swallowing a pill.”

  • The truth is painful

    Winnipeg has the largest urban population of Aboriginal people in Canada, and more than 12% of the University of Winnipeg’s students are Aboriginal.

  • All in the name of dialogue

    Rowan Williams, the former archbishop of Canterbury, argues in his recent book, Faith in the Public Sphere, that secularism which confines religious discussions to the private sphere breeds spiritual curiosity and fundamentalism through a distrust of human experiences that cannot be categorized.

  • Mennowrite

    Mennonites began to arrive in southern Manitoba in 1873. With an enforced distinction from what they perceived as the corrupt world, Mennonite culture historically eschewed various artistic pursuits, but in the last half century, Mennonite literature has been growing.

  • Euromaidan in Winnipeg

    Winnipeg has the third-largest Ukrainian population in the country, making up nearly 16 percent of Winnipeg’s total population. Members of the Ukrainian diaspora who live here support efforts to bring peace to the people and accountability to the government of Ukraine.

  • Back to the grind

    Head Hits Concrete is officially back. The Winnipeg grindcore band, which gets its name from the Misfits’ song “Bullet”, plays short compositions that punish your ears and flabbergast your mind.

  • A blueprint for green

    Winnipeg’s post-secondary educational institutions are civic leaders in composting. The University of Winnipeg began its composting initiative in 2007, a few years after Red River College’s Notre Dame campus started in 2002, followed by the University of Manitoba in 2006.

  • A man of the red soil

    A native of Rustico, Prince Edward Island, folk singer-songwriter Lennie Gallant is a passionate representative of Canada’s East Coast, and his forthcoming work Searching for Abegweit: The Songs & Stories of Lennie Gallant demonstrates that affection.

  • Chekhov crosses cultures

    The 14th annual Master Playwright Festival, presented by the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, is showcasing the work of Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov until February 9.

  • In motion

    Christian and Sean Procter, aged 41 and 38 respectively, are putting hometown musical legends on the map for fantastic music videos through their company Procter Bros. Industries (PBI).

  • A rose by any other name…

    It’s 400 some years old, but the Bard’s tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers is as relevant as ever.

  • The afterparty

    The brains behind the long running New Music Festival and its indie-laden component, Pop Nuit, have set the bar high. Royal Canoe’s Matt Shellenberg and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Alexander Mickelthwate, armed with keyboards and baton, deliver a line up that will cause even the most apathetic to suit up, brave the cold and enjoy the experimental pop majesty that awaits.

  • Mayor in residence

    Over the next few months, if you find writer’s block setting in, you can seek help from the Mayor. Chandra Mayor that is. While University of Winnipeg English professor Catherine Hunter is on research leave until July, Mayor is keeping Hunter’s office warm with literary ideas and vivacious laughter.

  • Comfortably numb

    “I got back from Cuba this past week,” says Daniel Baron, frontman, guitarist and eldest member of Winnipeg’s Industrial Revolution-inspired folk band FINN. He says the frigidity of this prairie locale satisfies his sense of home.

  • We want the airwaves

    CKUW 95.9 FM, the University of Winnipeg’s campus and community radio station, is the place to volunteer if you adore radio.

  • The man behind the music

    In 1969, three friends turned an early 1900s Winnipeg movie theatre into an art house cinema called Cinema 3. 

  • Smooth shifting

    A city under the harsh, repressive blanket of a winter that saw New Year’s Eve colder than both the surface of the North Pole and the planet Mars is the ideal locale to mount a theatre production of Charlotte Brontë’s Gothic classic Jane Eyre.  

  • The Record Store

    26-year-old Into the Music was voted reader's favourite—and store owner Greg Tonn demonstrates attentiveness to people's needs.

  • The Sex Shop

    Our readers' favourite adult boutique is Winnipeg's newest—they opened in April last year.

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