Lauren Parsons

  • Keep it in your pants

    You’re the first thing I see in the morning, and the last before I close my eyes at night. You keep me company all day long, and I never get sick of you. You make me happy.

  • White Christmas Blues

    You’re sitting in Starbucks sipping an eggnog latte from a festive holiday cup. You’ve loaded an array of modern and classic Christmas music to your iPod, and you hum along while you plan out the next month of parties, dinners, cards and gifts. Every place you go is lined with shining lights and decorated with green and red bows. You can feel it in the air. ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’

  • U of W boot camp works whole body with just one weight

    One-armed swings, goblet squats and the over-head press are just some of the exercises that combine cardiovascular movement, strength building and flexibility using just one kettlebell.

  • Winnipeg’s jewel

    Despite having made custom jewelry for the likes of Harrison Ford and Diane Sawyer, and having pieces featured in advertisements for Absolut Vodka, Hilary Druxman says she’s more interested in her local clients.

  • Bring it back home

    “Literally we’re playing music in people’s living rooms and around kitchen tables,” says Andrea Ramolo, who makes up half of the Toronto-based band Scarlett Jane with Cindy Doire.
    Ramolo and Doire will perform in houses and small venues over the next couple of weeks in small communities across Manitoba and Saskatchewan on the Central Plains Circuit Home Routes Concert series.

  • Some kind of monster

    Taking the first step around the corner of a bright green wall, you don’t know what to expect. But all at once you’re hit with fascination, fear and excitement.

  • The state of Winnipeg’s Exchange District

    Over 1,000 new residences have been created in the Exchange District over the past three years and in 2013, Red River College will open its new building, including a residency, bringing more people into Winnipeg’s historical district.

  • Travelling for a cause

    Roméo Bérard II is spending his summer travelling through Asia.

  • Better after all these years

    After eight albums and performing together for over 18 years, Blonde Redhead’s lead vocalist Kazu Makino describes the progression to what the band is now in one word:

  • Exploring the North End

    From Main Street to McPhillips Street, from Dufferin Avenue to Mountain Avenue, Winnipeg’s North End is one of the most culturally, economically and architecturally diverse areas of the city.

  • Poverty in Winnipeg: The age of poverty on Selkirk Avenue

    Boarded up signs and broken windows line the once vibrant Selkirk Avenue in the heart of Winnipeg’s North End.

  • New paper hitting the streets of Winnipeg

    Green newsstand boxes have already been planted across the city and on April 4, Metro Winnipeg will launch its first edition.

  • To shave or not to shave?

    Shaving cuts, painful self-waxing and sadistic aestheticians are all familiar experiences in the realm of removing female body hair.

  • Winnipeg water rates currently under review

    The department of water and waste in the City of Winnipeg is currently reviewing the rate structure of how Winnipeg residents are billed for their water.

  • Feds make move to create matrimonial equality on reserves

    The Canadian federal government is considering introducing a new law that would give aboriginal women living on reserves equal rights in matrimonial law.

  • The salvia scare

    The Canadian federal government is moving towards banning the sale, production and possession of salvia divinorum, stating concern about the lack of knowledge regarding the dangers or long-term effects of using the hallucinogenic substance.

  • Wonder woman

    Within seconds of sitting down with Emma Cloney, you realize two things about her: she is a determined woman, and there is nothing that can stop her.

  • Slowing down your flow

    The average Canadian uses 330 litres of water a day, according to Environment Canada.

  • Tipping the healthy scale

    Statistics Canada reports that Manitoba’s obesity rate of 30.4 per cent is only slightly higher than the national level of 26 per cent.

  • A modern look at Canada’s trading history

    Bare, straight-faced stares blend the constructed image of “Indian” with modern consumerism.

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