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  • Canada’s changing face

    Even though his legal name is Roberto Kasala, when the Filipino immigrant was applying for Canadian jobs, he purposefully used his nickname – Bobby.

  • Province serving up stiff penalties

    The Manitoba government is looking to implement the country’s toughest fines against underage drinking and those who facilitate it in an attempt to curb teenagers from developing alcohol dependencies.

  • Barley: Not just for beer anymore

    While it’s best known as the prime ingredient in your favourite “brewski,” top researchers, farmers and dieticians want you to know that barley can be so much more than that.

  • Arts Briefs

    This Justin; Bacon > sex; The revolution must have a permit

  • The death of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters

    The heated public battle over the infamous “TV tax” has led to the closure of a long-standing organization that has represented private television and radio broadcasters for more than 80 years.

  • Picking a president for Red River College

    Physically, it was a short trip for Red River College’s (RRC) interim president and CEO Cathy Rushton to fill the vacant presidency position until a permanent replacement is found. Mentally, however, it’s a whole other story.

  • Political parties at City Hall

    Do you think we need political parties at Winnipeg City Hall?

  • Mind over muscle

    As the nation watched Canadians collect medals in Vancouver, a trio of former Olympians were mentally preparing the next batch of podium-climbing hopefuls.

  • Report: High media usage correlated with low levels of happiness in teens

    Sarah-Kate Salmon, 17, readily admits she spends a large part of her day attached to her cellphone – yet she’s terrified of talking on it.

  • A new home for Harvest

    Winnipeg Harvest wishes it didn’t have to exist. But with 18 per cent more Manitobans using the food bank last year than in 2008, as reported in Food Banks Canada Hunger Count 2009, the organization is expanding.

  • Free graffiti walls elaborate prank, city says

    If you happen to see a City of Winnipeg Authorized Graffiti Area image stenciled with spray paint anywhere in the city, don’t believe it.

  • Long wait times for treatment put female addicts in danger

    Winnipeg women looking for inpatient treatment to battle drug and alcohol addiction must wait up to four to five months to be admitted, according to Addictions Foundation Manitoba (AFM).

  • Local businesses redefining delivery

    Winnipeg entrepreneurs and community groups are working in their own ways to re-define what you can have delivered to your door in the city.

  • Eco-conscious emissions?

    Big businesses across Canada are taking responsibility for their environmental footprints by partnering with eco-friendly organizations to reward students for their ‘green’ work.

  • Manitobans open their hearts and wallets for Haitian relief

    With an estimated 200,000 dead and up to 1.5 million homeless and hungry after Haiti’s devastating 7.0 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, Manitobans have stepped up to help in a big way.

  • A home away from home

    In a cramped basement beneath the Justice Resource Centre at 583 Ellice Ave., a warm, safe, educational space sees at least 50 women come through its doors every month. But thanks to two years of fundraising and collecting donations, the West Central Women’s Resource Centre (WCWRC) is looking to move down the street to its very own larger, street-front location at 640 Ellice Ave.

  • Urban sprawl is bad for your health: report

    New studies have shown suburban neighbourhoods have the potential to negatively impact the well-being of their residents through higher emergency medical response times and lower instances of physical activity.

  • Rockin’ the classroom

    After opening for Led Zeppelin at age 17 and writing the life stories of local legends like Neil Young and The Guess Who, John Einarson knows what it takes to rock almost any room – even a classroom.

  • Internships that work for people

    With an honours BA in politics and conflict resolution from the University of Winnipeg, and more than four years of journalism experience, Ksenia Prints thrives under the pressure of being an intern for the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.

  • Red River students get their reading week

    After years of student discontent and lobbying, Red River College (RRC) will have its first-ever reading week this Feb. 15 to 19, following suit with the majority of post-secondary institutions in the country.

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