Katherine Cao

  • PROFile: Gary Brownstone

    For Gary Brownstone, his interest in teaching comes from wanting to bring “the real world into the classroom.”

  • Winnipeg inkmasters: not just a boys’ club

    With images of tough biker dudes and full sleeves in mind, it can be easy to imagine tattooing as an exclusive boys’ club for the tough and mighty.

  • Favourite New Local Independent Business

    1.    Riley Grae (729 Corydon ave.)
    2.    Chip’s Vintage (173 Lilac St.)
    3.    Accent'aigü Custom Drag Nails

  • Favourite Local Dancer

    1.    Ming Hon
    2.    Carol-Ann Bohrn
    3.    Ella Steele

  • PROFile: Dr. Catherine Tosenberger

    Dr. Catherine Tosenberger’s work consists of a surprising blend of both new and old elements, as she mixes traditional folklore and English literature with new-age technological media and fandom culture.

  • A documentarian’s perspective

    For Winnipeg-based photographer – and former Uniter staff member – Mike Sudoma, his professional art and personal hobbies blend harmoniously as he enjoys street and concert photography, as well as skateboarding and playing guitar.

  • PROFile: Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land

    For Dr. Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land, member of the Critical Race Network and an assistant professor for the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Winnipeg, issues of criminal justice are not just black and white, but part of a large and complicated system that must be regarded with nuanced thinking.

  • A multidisciplinary creative

    For Winnipeg creative Reba Terlson, her art is her greatest passion and a constantly shifting mode of expression.

  • PROFile: Heather Snell

    Dr. Heather Snell is a professor specializing in post-colonial and cultural studies in the English department at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Whose House? Maria Anne Grant’s House!

    For dancer and actor Maria Anne Grant, performing has always taken a central role in her life.

  • Disrupting narratives of the nuclear family

    The experience of growing up and coming into a sense of identity can be a jarring process fraught with turmoil – for some more so than others.