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  • Showing us who’s boss

    Long-suffering employees of the world, unite. Your spokespeople - Charlie Day, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis - are back on the big screen.

  • Transcending past Cinematography

    This past Friday, April 18, Wally Pfister’s directorial debut Transcendence was released in theatres across North America.

  • Whose House? Matt’s House

    Matt Sutton wants you to wake up feeling fresh. 

  • Whose House? Rachel’s House.

    Printmaking, painting, collages, you name it, Rachel Boese does it. The Winnipeg artist’s passion lies in visual imagery, however she strives to better the craft education community.

  • Whose House? Nicole’s House.

    Nicole Barry, 35, is the co-owner and CEO of Winnipeg’s Half Pints Brewing Company. After developing a passion for the ‘Peg’s indie music scene in the ‘90s, Barry wanted her beer to be local too.

  • Whose House? Amanda’s House.

    University of Winnipeg student Amanda Jonker likes to keep a full plate.

  • Whose House? Ginaya’s House.

    Everyone and their dog is a “photographer” these days. Whether it’s for Facebook or your weekly (or hourly) Instragram selfie, you know how to point and snap. But, for Ginaya Jesmer, 19, photography is a passion, a career and a life.

  • Whose House? Scott Nolan’s House

    You know when you love something so much that you want it all the time? Scott Nolan has definitely done that with the creation of his own backyard music studio.

  • Whose House? J. Williamez’s House.

    Jeremy Williams, better known as J. Williamez, is a Winnipeg musical comedian. 

  • Whose House: Rusty’s House

    Dana “Rusty” Matyas recently let the Uniter into his home to show us all his cool stuff. The 33-year-old Winnipegger is a video game fanatic, a backyard bonfire enthusiast and a Heinz tomato ketchup addict, but you probably know him from somewhere else.

  • Whose House? Doug’s house.

    Video production and music are two of Doug Darling’s favourite things.

  • Musical medicine

    Laughter? Nope, it’s music.

  • Bow to Bauhaus

    Ian August is a Winnipeg painter fascinated with the architectural theory of the Bauhaus movement.

  • Sweet home Alabama

    The Staple Singers’ “I’ll Take You There”, Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”, the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses”.

  • Whose House? Sarah’s house.

    Sarah Paradis, also known as Toxic Prophecy, is a master craftswoman, her tools consisting of everything from pencils and markers to computers and video cameras. 

  • Hometown Haunted

    Winnipeggers ain’t afraid of no ghosts. 

  • From Warhol to Wolverine


    BLAM! 3 the third in a series of comic book art shows curated by Justin Waterman.

  • Rookie of the year

    Chester, Nova Scotia-based filmmaker Jason Buxton made his feature film debut last year with Blackbird, the story of a troubled teen who is wrongly accused of planning a Columbine-esque high school shooting spree.

  • Liam’s House: Winnipeg weird

    Liam Tate is a man of many talents. 

  • Dancing in the street

    Dust off your dancing shoes.

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