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  • More urban parks and public squares

    It’s one of Winnipeg’s most prized public spaces - coming alive each summer with hundreds of thousands of people looking to dabble in some international jazz or fringe theatre, or to grab a slice of street meat and catch a free lunchtime concert.

  • U of M unions cry out against privatization on campus

    The increasing privatization of management services at the University of Manitoba is leading to increasing frustration among faculty and staff and causing irreparable damage with contractors and employees, union leaders say.

  • UWSA general election brings out low number of voters

    Voter turnout remained flat in this year’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association general election, as 1,396 students showed up to mark a ballot.

  • U of W plans to restructure founding faculty

    The University of Winnipeg has announced plans to phase out its Faculty of Theology in an effort to curb costs.

  • UWSA executive on track for major turnover in snake eyes election

    Call it snake eyes - this year’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association election will see the organization’s presidency go uncontested, while the rest of the electoral slate only features a single incumbent.

  • Negotiations have revealed a $3.5 million funding gap in the students unions’ U-Pass proposal.

    Negotiations with transit have revealed a $3.5 million funding gap in the students unions’ U-Pass proposal. How would you like to see that gap addressed?

  • U-Pass negotiations uncover huge funding gap

    Student groups at the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba are scrounging for sponsorships to help make up a $3.5 million shortfall needed to create a universal bus pass.

  • Wesmen net bronze in B.C.

    Hampered by injury, the University of Winnipeg men’s basketball team returned home from their first foray into the Canada West final four last weekend with bronze medals around their necks.

  • City Councillor pledges 28K to Save Our Seine

    An environmental group working to promote and improve the health of Winnipeg’s smallest river is praising a much-needed funding boost from the city to resume its operations.

  • U of W pension commitments experience unprecedented increase

    The University of Winnipeg’s pension commitments have increased by an unprecedented $3 million this year.

  • Post-secondary exploitation

    Are universities exploiting undergraduate students?

  • Theatre students explore identity and human connection in Seven Doors

    The University of Winnipeg’s third-year acting honours class is set to begin performances of Botho Strauss’s Seven Doors on Feb. 12.

  • What do you think of Winnipeg’s cycling culture?

    What do you think of Winnipeg’s cycling culture? Is Winnipeg a hospitable environment for cyclists?

  • Student loan privacy breach puts students at risk

    The federal government waited too long to tell more than 500,000 Canadian students that a hard drive containing detailed personal information had gone missing, a local information ethics and privacy expert says.

  • Campus infrastructure under fire

    As the University of Winnipeg’s newly renovated AnX building receives criticism of its design, rumours of the university’s interference in the design process have emerged.

  • Soma Café relocation pushed back to fall

    Construction delays have pushed back the relocation of the financially beleaguered Soma Café to fall 2013, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association says.

  • Uncertain campus development sparks concerns from Spence community

    As the University of Winnipeg continues construction on a pair of expansion projects on the west side of campus, community organizations and residents are raising concerns about the potential loss of housing in the neighbourhood.

  • U-Pass negotiations find tension before they begin

    As student groups and Winnipeg Transit are set to begin negotiations on the creation of a universal bus pass this week, the two groups are at odds over how soon it will be implemented.

  • ‘The value was in the whole experience’

    Just as soon as the Wesmen women’s basketball team began a month-long break from regular season games, they were packing their bags and heading overseas.

  • The 2012 Uniter 30

    What does it take to create change? What does excellence look like?

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