Jenna Friesen

  • Road warriors

    Making a living as an artist in Canada can be tough. The country is big, and the population is spread across our grand geography - which makes for a stinkin’ long road trip.

  • Out of the fridge

    In a world heavily reliant on electricity and refrigeration to preserve food, a prolonged power outage would be potentially disastrous.

  • Train’s passengers served as sounding board for screenplay

    What would life in Winnipeg be like if the world went down the drain?

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart expansion

    What do you think of the expansion of Shoppers Drug Mart in the Osborne Village?

  • Defying copyright

    You can’t copyright the word “word,” because that wouldn’t make sense. When you speak, you’re rearranging words that already exist, and presenting them in a new way.

  • Spence Neighborhood Association rallies community to help West End fire victims

    The Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA) has launched an appeal for donations for some 50 West End residents left with nothing following a $1-million fire that broke out in a Sherbrook Street apartment block last month.

  • The sound of community

    Colin Smith has volunteered at CKUW 95.9 FM for six years and loves a job most people would try to avoid: he spends many of his hours cataloguing music.