James Culleton

  • Lampooning the lopsided narratives of history

    Moncton, N.B.’s Mario Doucette is exhibiting for the first time in Manitoba at La Maison Des Artistes with a show titled Bagarres, which in French means “brawling.”

  • Food for thought

    Robert Pasternak’s latest artistic offering Visual Chew: Original novelties, art multiples and packaged thoughts is currently on display at Martha Street Studio. In this unique exhibition, Pasternak utilizes his skills as a printmaker, with individual silk-screened packaged wrappers and offset printed booklets of his work.

  • Let the memory live again

    Leigh Konyk’s solo exhibition called Mixed Media & Collage Assemblages focuses on time and place and is currently on display at the Cre8ery.

  • Some say volumes about the North, while others set their mark in toner

    The Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art is looking more and more like a contemporary art museum with its two latest exhibits where artists contemplate old technologies in the digital age.

  • Mathematics is the universal language

    One plus one equals an array of interesting art in the latest exhibition at Gallery 803.

  • Sasquatches, martyrs and porn stars – oh my!

    Icons and urban legends meet in the Graffiti Gallery’s latest group exhibition, Legends, Heroes, Myths and Such. Judging by the mixture of artwork in the exhibition, people’s heroes, myths and legends vary greatly. A unicorn, a sasquatch, a phoenix, martyrs, porn stars and the list goes on and on.

  • A man under the influence

    Vance Gilbert has played at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Given how confident he is in his performances, perhaps that’s no surprise.

  • Exposed in public

    Dan Frechette, one of Winnipeg’s foremost songwriters, will be releasing a CD of live recordings at the Times Change(d) on Saturday, Oct. 24.

  • The season of imagination

    Winnipeg is a haven for imaginative artists’ creativity and The Fall Show at Golden City is no exception. The exhibit is a capricious offering from one of the city’s most imaginative artist collectives, Wigtads International.

  • The pillar problem

    Winnipeg art enthusiasts have not one but two chances to see the work of Montreal artist Michel de Broin this fall.

  • Narratives that create themselves

    Collected imagery and objects create strong, spiritual narratives in Michael Joyal’s Trinity: Painting, Drawing and Collage, a three-week art exhibition at the Cre8ery Gallery.

  • Non-representational, not abstract

    Colourful paintings line the walls of Keith Wood’s studio in preparation for his upcoming exhibition at the newly relocated Ken Segal Gallery. Wood’s exhibition is called Right Click and will consist of 15 vibrant encaustic paintings and seven or eight colourful lithographs.

  • Not just fancy bronze cows

    Artist Joe Fafard has concurrent exhibitions in Winnipeg this month. The magnitude and scope of these two exhibits highlight his incredible eye for detail and establish him as one of Canada’s foremost sculptors and an expert in portraiture.
    The first exhibition, a traveling retrospective currently at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG), will tour across Canada to seven different locations and includes over 70 sculptures. This exhibition is Fafard’s first major solo retrospective and contains work from the past 40 years. The second exhibition, at Mayberry Fine Art, showcases some of his newer work.