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  • Invigorating the Bard

    Origin stories: Shakespeare in the Ruins

  • Arts briefs

    Juice Journal // Creating in a digital world // Artist Boot Camp on grant writing // Planet Pantry // Mocap with your webcam // Cinematheque at Home: Sound of Metal

  • Deserving of respect

    The state of disability support in Winnipeg

  • Finding peace at home

    Arranging living spaces to boost mental health

  • The mature rebrand

    Grown-up child star releases his sophomore album

  • A peek at Fred Penner’s world

    New documentary digs into the history of the beloved children’s entertainer

  • Playing on paper

    Origin Stories: Jon Klassen

  • Safe shopping, locally

    Local businesses offering pickup and delivery for all your pantry needs

  • From seed to flower

    Origin Stories: Begonia

  • Deaf author boycotts his own book

    ‘I don’t want other people to feel (alienated)’

  • Historically modern

    Nearly a century ago, Modern Electric Lunch was Winnipeg’s first restaurant with electric refrigeration. A new restaurant with the same name has opened in the same space.

  • Favourite Winnipeg winter activity

    Favourite Winnipeg winter activity

    1. Outdoor ice skating
    2. Long walks on the River Trail
    3. Staying inside

  • Favourite local place to eat

    Favourite local place to eat

     1. Juneberry
    2. Never Better Coffee
    3. Roughage Eatery / Sous Sol (tie)

  • Favourite local gallery or artist-run centre

    Favourite local gallery or artist-run centre

    1. Winnipeg Art Gallery
    2. MAWA / aceart inc. (tie)

  • Local makers and shakers

    Manitoba retailers and makers offering pickup and delivery

  • Festival of Lights shines on

    Hanukkah events to safely celebrate from a distance

  • ‘Clever, accessible and empathetic’

    Origin Stories: Abby Falvo

  • Writing: A homecoming

    Origin Stories: Jenny Heijun Wills

  • A thousand new faces to see

    Edmonton cultural festival partners with FringeLiveStream

  • Young dynamo

    Origin Stories: Madison Thomas

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