Haley Pauls

  • Safe surrender sites are anti-abortion virtue signaling

    This winter, a firehall in Landmark, Man. announced the opening of a Hope’s Cradle, a service that allows people, usually mothers, to safely surrender their infants in a temperature-controlled bassinet.

  • Up in flames

    In the middle of the night on Saturday, Feb. 11, Point Douglas resident Candace-Rae Hamilton awoke to the sound of sirens.

  • Favourite political moment

    1. Brian Pallister resigns
    2. Queen Victoria statue toppled
    3. Wab Kinew interrupts Alan Lagimodiere

  • Favourite local place that no longer exists

    1. Forth Bar
    2. The Zoo/Ozzys
    3. The Garrick Centre

  • Speculating Manitoba, and beyond

    Literary fiction has been forever in conflict with its sibling and nemesis: genre fiction. In general, the literary world sees literary fiction as “highbrow” works that cannot be defined by their relationship to any specific genre.

  • Do you know where your sewage goes?

    Decades of conversations about wastewater in Winnipeg

  • Favourite local visual artist

    Favourite local visual artist

    1. Chase Martin / Hannah Reimer (tie)
    2. Kieran Valde / Matea Radic (tie)

  • Favourite local baker

    Favourite local baker

    1. Cora Wiens, Eadha Bread
    2. The team at Tall Grass Bakery
    3. A massive tie

  • Softening their strides

    Dancers and educators re-envision equitable connection

  • Productivity in the time of a quarantine

    When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, I was living with my parents while I transitioned between apartments.

  • Callouts are the symptom, not the problem

    It’s 2020, and certain bloggers and cultural commentators have become obsessed with the question of whether “callout culture” has gone too far. 

  • Favourite Local Public Art Piece

    1.   Smile by Tierney Milne and Brother Jopa on the Food Fare at Westminster and Maryland / Star Blankets by Kenneth Lavallee / Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei at The Forks (Three-way tie)

  • Favourite Local Publication

    1.    Stylus
    2.    Red Rising Magazine / Winnipeg Free Press (Tie)
    3.    The Manitoban

  • Filling in the gaps

    This summer, heated debates erupted in the St. James neighbourhood at an information session about the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre, a new addictions treatment facility that is set to be built in the area.             

  • The ivory tower, the vast and the aimless

    Economic factors are significantly impacting the lives of post-secondary graduates in Canada.

  • The rise of the post-MeToo “comeback”

    Earlier this month, Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club announced plans to book American comedian and actor Louis C.K.

  • Americans might think we are nice

    Recently, I travelled to Guatemala and Mexico. During my time there, I met a number of individuals who told me I was “a very nice Canadian girl,” who expressed concern for my safety and who asked why I didn’t have a Canadian flag on my backpack.