Fatemah Al Helal

  • Garbology, twittology

    Sociologists use many ways to collect information about societies, in order to gain a better understanding of certain behaviours.

  • Breaking through barriers

    According to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the number of visa students on Canadian campuses reached 70,000 full-time and 13,000 part-time students in 2006.

  • What to make happen

    For me, making resolutions isn’t usually an important part of my new year. However, maybe this is why I end up wanting to finish a million things but not finishing anything.

  • Exposing a weakness

    In developed and western counties, nudity can be used as an artistic form of protest in order to deliver a strong message about unjust conditions; in this context, it may or may not spark controversy.

  • I know my rights

    Women in Saudi Arabia seem like they are always waiting for a royal decision to have their rights given to them.