Fadi Ennab

  • Taking a stand against the Israeli occupation of Palestine

    The beginning of March in Winnipeg witnessed a controversial event called the Israeli Apartheid Week, which ran worldwide from March 1 to 14. In short, this was “good” for some and “bad” for others: good because it gives Palestinians a voice to speak and attempts to break the silence around them; on the other hand, it is bad because it is perceived as a movement that provides a space to promote “hatred against Jews.”

  • RCMP were part of the Canadian colonial project

    Recently, from their abuse of power, there has been increased debate regarding the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Unfortunately, what is focused on reflects the dearth of critical material on the history of Western Canada and the role of the Mounties in colonizing it.

  • Silencing the other

    In the Nov. 26 edition of The Uniter, an article appeared which was written by Ashley Faintuch who had visited Sderot, Israel. The student wrote how the residents of Sderot live in constant fear from terrorist rocket attacks.