Ezra Bridgman

  • On online learning

    If you ever wanted to learn how to rear calves, don’t stock up on rubber gloves just yet.

  • Fun profs and the students who love them

    University is marketed as an experience that opens up multiple doors to the future, while simultaneously being wildly fun.

  • Um ... people say things

    A brilliant thought is on the tip of the tongue, waiting to be released. However, it comes too late; already eyes have begun to glaze over and the conversation moves on.

  • Exploring the youth bracket

    Creeping ever nearer is the day when, while absently staring into your mirror, time stops and your first grey hair makes its debut appearance.

  • Aboriginal film festival showcases 40 new films

    The Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, a five-day celebration showcasing the best of indigenous film from across Canada and around the world is back, featuring over 40 exciting new films.

  • The green grass in a (soon to be) white city

    As winter approaches in our cold Canadian city, we’ve doubtless all begun to hear the annual wistful hints by friends and colleagues who say they are considering a radical change in their lives.

  • Plenty to learn and see at fully-loaded doc festival

    Gimme Some Truth: The Winnipeg Documentary Project is back for its third consecutive year, with a program bursting at the seams with panel discussions, master lectures and special screenings for budding filmmakers and film-lovers alike.

  • Active transportation the focus of new art exhibit

    Inspired by active transportation, the newest exhibit on display at the Graffiti Gallery explores the thrill of self-transport, from mud-covered inconvenience to high-speed exuberance.