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  • Niki Ashton pledges to bring Manitoba model to the federal NDP

    The Uniter will be interviewing all eight federal NDP leadership candidates in the lead-up to the March 23 leadership convention, to be held in Toronto.

  • Mental illness reaching severe levels in Manitoba

    Instances of mental illness in Manitoba have skyrocketed in recent years, according to experts, and provincial organizations are now calling for community-based approaches to addressing the problem.

  • Mental Health in Manitoba

    What do you think of the state of mental health among Manitobans?

  • NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp takes on Conservative crime bill, approach to indigenous peoples

    The Uniter will be interviewing all eight federal NDP leadership candidates in the lead-up to the March 23 leadership convention, to be held in Toronto.

  • New MLCC regulations

    What do you think of new MLCC regulations to allow alcohol to be served in certain cineplexes?

  • Campus News Briefs

    Inaugural Winnipeg Police Service scholarship awarded; UWSA/Wesmen Athletics hold Student Group basketball tournament; Starbucks and Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub now open; UWSA Day of Action slated for Feb. 1; UWSA budget consultations wrap up

  • Local News Briefs

    Local restaurateur takes Katz to court over holiday party at Hu’s; Shoal Lake First Nation set to take city to court; Chipman open to outdoor NHL game in Winnipeg; Manitoba MP takes plight of aboriginal women to the prime minister’s office; City says Guardrail safe despite out-of-date safety standards

  • Ukrainian Labour Temple receives historic designation

    A site famously raided by police during the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike will soon be one of the only city buildings to have received official historic designation from all three levels of government.

  • Manitoba Combines get the Ultimate win

    The West wanted in. They got in. And they kicked some ass.

  • Stephane Dion talks party re-building, the coalition crisis and why young people should vote Liberal

    On Nov. 8, The Uniter interviewed former Liberal leader and key contributor in the 2008 coalition crisis, Stephane Dion, after he spoke about democratic reform at the University of Winnipeg’s Convocation Hall.

  • Former Liberal leader Stephane Dion speaks at the University of Winnipeg

    Students filled the University of Winnipeg’s Convocation Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 8, to hear Stephane Dion, the former leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and member of parliament for St. Laurent-Cartierville, deliver an impassioned speech on democratic reform.

  • Ragpickers set to close theatre, bookstore

    After nearly 10 years of operating a popular independent theatre, Winnipeg Fringe venue and expansive bookstore, Ragpickers Antifashion Emporium will be closing down its top floor by Thursday, Nov. 15 while the future of the main floor clothing store remains uncertain.

  • Do you think the city does enough to accommodate cyclists?

    Do you think the city does enough to accommodate cyclists? Why or why not?

  • Two new levies passed in UWSA byelection

    The results of last week’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) byelection will be felt for years to come, with four newly elected directors and two brand new student fees set to be levied on top of existing tuition.

  • Winnipeg gets advice from a ‘one man committee’

    When it comes to cities, the devil is in the details, says local blogger Walter Krawec.

  • Exchange District branding marginalizes artists, says professor

    For two years, University of Manitoba sociology professor Sonia Bookman has interviewed countless residents in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, slowly uncovering how a multi-year process of branding the area has changed, for better or worse, the neighbourhood’s unique creative spirit.

  • Soma Café faces financial challenges, criticism

    In the face of growing competition and criticism, this year’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) is under strict orders from students to keep the struggling Soma Café afloat.

  • UWSA Freestyle festival a huge success

    On Friday, Oct. 7, to culminate the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) Freestyle V festival’s youth program, the Bulman Centre multi-purpose room was packed with rowdy, excited local kids from every ethnic or cultural background imaginable.

  • Designing the future

    On a fall night in Osborne Village, a mob of nearly 300 people squeezed into a capacity-filled Gas Station Arts Centre to hear policy wonks and urban nerds talk about the future of downtown Winnipeg.

  • Manitoba’s 2011 Provincial Election


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