Emily Leedham


  • A Tale of two rallies

    On Sept. 20, right-wing groups across Canada organized rallies under the banner “1 Million March 4 Children” to protest Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculums in schools. According to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, these protests were “supported by a big tent of far-right and conspiratorial groups, including Christian nationalists, COVID-19 conspiracy theorists, sovereign citizens and anti-public-education activists.”

  • How’s Winnipeg?

    “So how’s Winnipeg?” is the question my friends back in Calgary keep asking me. I moved from there to here five months ago, in November, which is widely regarded as a curious move from both Calgarians and Winnipeggers alike. I always skirt around the question, mainly because it’s a pretty complex answer I’m still figuring out.

  • Necessary noise

    “People gonna rise like the water, gotta slow this crisis down, hear the voice of my great granddaughter singing climate justice now!”