Elena Spitcyna

  • Drop in and have a ball

    Free intramurals offered to students at the RecPlex

  • Crossing boundaries

    U of W launches new academic student journal

  • Post-secondary investments

    Province increases funding by four per cent for colleges and universities

  • Honouring traditions

    Wesmen celebrate inaugural Indigenous Day with ASC

  • Optimum allocation

    Majority of U of W’s student services moved to a single location

  • Ashley Bieniarz

    Lifelong musician turns her attention to the stage

  • Building on a solid foundation

    Construction of Leatherdale Hall, Tony’s Canteen starts in spring

  • Doing good outside the dorm

    New clubs help students in residence engage in community

  • Favourite university staff

    1. Laura Smith (U of W) 

    2. George Toles 

    3. Emma Alexander-Mudaliar (U of W) / Gord Beveridge (U of W) / Roewan Crowe (U of W) / Kent Davies (U of W) / Vesna Milosevic (U of W) 

  • Favourite local coffee spot

    1. Little Sister Coffee Maker 

    2. Thom Bargen 

    3. Parlour Coffee 

  • Favourite local bakery

    1. Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company 

    2. Stella’s Café and Bakery 

    3. Jenna Rae / Sleepy Owl (tie)

  • Malaysian student needs community‚Äôs help to stay in Canada

    University funding pulled for being gay, atheist

  • A moment to come together

    Montréal Massacre memorial to be held at U of W

  • Growing stronger

    Wesmen wrestling program gets more athletes and support

  • Should they stay or should they go

    Low retention rates at U of W being carefully studied

  • Their best offence is good defence

    Wesmen men’s volleyball team swaps strategies this season

  • Broaden your horizons

    The U of W exchange program offers new destinations and learning opportunities

  • Better together

    UWSA part-time employees unionize

  • Pure imagination

    Minnesota prof lectures about keeping fairy tales alive at U of W


    U of W revises its smoking policy to include e-cigarettes

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