Devin Morrow

  • Mobbing the vote

    A month ago, CBC personality and comedian Rick Mercer put out a call to students and youth across Canada: on May 2, go and vote. What he did not expect was the mass response he would garner.

  • Sending Harper back to school

    In a country that usually values its students, its universities and does everything and anything to encourage more young people to seek higher education, you would assume that the knowledge and critical thinking that university graduates acquire would be promoted, applauded and respected.

  • Looking out for a Little Scrapper

    Sunshine may be sparse in Winnipeg this summer, but festivals certainly are not. The Winnipeg Folk Festival and Winnipeg Fringe Festival had record years proving that regardless of the weather, Winnipeggers are still determined to have a good time.

  • Nowhere to stay

    Refugees living in Winnipeg face a huge obstacle to their settlement: a serious lack of adequate housing. The plight of new refugees and immigrants is hidden between the cracks of government bureaucracy, but cannot be ignored.

  • Police prejudice blinds us

    There is an ongoing battle between police and regular citizens. The inquiry into Robert Dziekanski’s death shows that the battle is not based around whether or not the police are enforcing the law, but rather how they carry out their duties.

  • Saving the Ceeb

    A single line greets millions of Canadians nightly when they tune in to their national news. “And now, from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto, here is Peter Mansbridge.”

  • Get your babies here!

    There was a brief period of time when the world looked in awe upon Nadya Suleman, the California mother who successfully gave birth to healthy octuplets. But the awe quickly turned to dismay when it became known that Suleman already has six other children and was setting up a personal website asking the public for donations to keep her family fed and clothed.

  • Picking up where we left off

    Parliament finally reopened last week, just in time for the new American president to meet our beleaguered and on-the-verge-of-disgrace prime minister. Despite getting what amounts to over a month of vacation for Christmas thanks to the prorogation, it looks like Stephen Harper will continue to be prime minister, or at least until Michael Ignatieff gets bored and decides it is his turn.

  • A big, carbon copied guilty pleasure

    There are two words any self-respecting Winnipegger hates to hear: urban sprawl. The level of disgust we feel for this term is exemplified in the many downtown and inner city projects aimed at renewal, re-growth, and revitalization of our city core.