Deborah Remus

  • Winnipeg Is: Heritage

    Heritage buildings are a valued part of Winnipeg’s cityscape and could be receiving more protection than they traditionally have.

  • Winnipeg Is: DIY venues

    Bands are playing under-the-radar shows in Winnipeg, if you know where to look.

  • Second place looks

    If your spring wardrobe needs some new threads, Hybrid Clothing has you covered.

  • Fighting homelessness with creativity

    Michael Turner might be homeless, but that’s not stopping him from making a name for himself in Winnipeg’s visual arts community.

  • It’s Psychedelic, Baby!

    Instead of just covering retro hits, Hifipriestess is taking a crack at writing some of its own.

  • Rolling with the punches

    All That Remains want listeners to make the most of what life hands them.

  • Girls to the Front

    Winnipeg’s music scene can be a straight, white, able-bodied boys’ club, but some people have been working over the last few months to try and change that stereotype.

  • The Soapbox

    I spend most of my nights alone. In the summer months I go for long walks while listening to my iPod. In the winter I just hang out in my room reading a book or listening to some music. “If you ever get lonely just go to the record store and visit your friends” is one of my favourite lines from the movie Almost Famous because I think it’s totally true.

  • Hangin’ with buddies and puffin’ on doobies

    If you’re looking for some new folk jams then Ezi Margolis might be a good bet.

  • Art for all

    On the first Friday of each month, the Exchange District comes alive in the evenings to showcase work from artists and introduce newcomers to the world of visual art.

  • From centre ice to centre stage

    The odds were stacked against him, but that didn’t stop Theo Fleury from becoming a Stanley Cup champion. Now his story is being told on stage in the Prairie Theatre Exchange’s production of Playing With Fire: The Theo Fleury Story.

  • Whose House? The Mariachi Ghost’s House

    If you’re looking for any of the members of the Mariachi Ghost on a Tuesday night, chances are you’ll find them jamming together in a basement.

  • A personal Brood

    Instead of focusing on historic battles, Elliott BROOD decided that its latest record, Work and Love, would be more about the band members’ actual lives.

  • Celebrating Dilla

    Winnipeg is finally catching up to other cities in paying tribute to the late J Dilla, an influential rapper and record producer who was based out of Detroit, Michigan.

  • The Boy Next Door

    It’s 2015 and it seems like Jennifer Lopez is still making cheesy movies. This time around, the singer/actress stars as Claire Peterson, an English teacher who is in the midst of a divorce. One day a mysterious young man named Noah Sandborn (Ryan Guzman) moves next door, befriends her teenage son, fixes her garage door and starts trying to get into her pants. 

  • The Lunchbox

    Some romantic dramas can be a little cheesy and unrealistic, but the Lunchbox doesn’t fall into that category and manages to keep things fresh. It tells the story of two very different people who share lots of chemistry while writing letters, but never get to take their relationship off the page. 

  • Making time for magic

    Getting fiction published isn’t easy, but Samantha Beiko has managed to pull it off.

  • 15 years of laughs

    In making fun of Usher videos and joking about being a single, awkward female, Debra DiGiovanni became one of Canada’s most recognizable comedians.

  • Gig life

    It’s almost been three years, but new METZ material is coming.

  • Tragically hilarious

    Get ready to laugh when the Master Playwright Festival shines the spotlight on Noël Coward.

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