Davis Plett

  • Holding space

    Jeremy Dutcher won once, but spoke twice.

  • Power moves

    Dance is one of the few professional or recreational activities where it is socially acceptable for total strangers to touch each other. For several local dancers, examining what gender and consent mean in an intimate interaction has become a central part of their practice.

  • The politics of door staff and DJs

    Who gets invited to the party and who doesn’t isn’t just a middle-school game. It’s a dilemma facing today’s queer community.

  • Library (in)security

    Libraries usually limit economic interactions with patrons to late fees. There’s a price to be paid for a missing book. But the new security measures in the Winnipeg Public Library’s downtown location also have a price – which will be paid by the city’s poor.

  • Darkroom / Lightroom

    Through the dramatic change from analog to digital photography, one thing has remained constant.

  • Feats of knowledge

    Pub trivia is booming in Winnipeg. 

  • “High fives and good karma”

    The internet is rife with places to buy people’s old stuff. Sites like Kijiji, eBay and Etsy facilitate item-for-cash exchanges between frequently anonymous individuals. Bunz sets out to do something different.

  • Laughter Is Medicine mixes culture and comedy

    Laughter is Medicine is a hit. Back for its third installment on March 15, the night of ingenious Indigenous comedy has sold out both its previous shows.

  • Mining the craft

    Major Canadian software developer Ubisoft, the company behind hits like the Assassin’s Creed franchise, recently opened an office in Winnipeg. 

  • Exploring early evening music

    Winnipeg’s music scene loves a midnight multi-band lineup. 

  • “Sanctioned arty violence”

    Tucked away in the hip neighbourhood of West Broadway behind beloved local eatery The Tallest Poppy, The Sherbrook Inn isn’t really a place where you would expect live wrestling to be a hit.

  • Did you see that movie?

    Major film releases featuring Black characters and stories are few and far between. When these films do make it to theatres – such as 2018 films Sorry to Bother You and BlacKkKlansman – they often are only in select cinemas for short runs.

  • Changing a community

    Stages are elevated spaces, spaces of heightened visibility. 

  • Open mics offer space to try something new

    Tune your guitar and polish up your magic tricks – there’s a new open mic coming to Winnipeg.

  • Coming out comedy

    2018 was a big year for Chanty Marostica.

  • Talking about Treaties

    For White Spotted Horse, a treaty isn’t a contract; it’s a relationship.

  • Window art

    Windows invite mutual observation. What’s outside the window looks in, and what’s inside the window looks out. At the Window project, people look in, but it’s art that looks back out.

  • Dance as philosophy

    At Winnipeg artist-run centre Young Lungs Dance Exchange, dance exists as much in the mind as in the body.

  • “Drag is for everyone”

    RuPaul’s Drag Race may have become the cultural touchstone for what drag looks like and how drag performances are organized. But in many cities, including Winnipeg, local drag shows are taking a different approach.

  • Making art in the summer

    Emerging artists have the odds stacked against them, but that hasn’t stopped a surge of initiatives by and for new Winnipeg artists from being created in recent years.

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