David Nowacki

  • One brutal city!

    Although he now splits his time between Winnipeg and Montreal, filmmaker Ryan McKenna’s heart is in Winnipeg.

  • Freedom of expression at heart of doc

    Sparse, but moving and thought-provoking, this doc about controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is well worth watching.

  • Intriguing, but ultimately frustrating

    Director Brian Knappenberger had a difficult task when making his documentary We Are Legion: to create a portrait of a group with no definite members, leaders or structure. It’s a group that has heretofore prided itself on secrecy and privacy - Anonymous.

  • Jokes fall flat, but locally-shot sci-fi parody is worth watching

    Manborg is the second feature film release by Canadian ‘80s cult revivalists Astron-6, whose first feature, Father’s Day, garnered international attention for its inventive and audacious satire and piqued the interest of genre film stalwarts Troma, who picked it up for distribution.

  • The man behind Manborg

    Astron-6 is a five-man diaspora of Winnipeg-bred filmmakers all intent on recreating the filmic classics and atrocities of their youths.

  • Back to the future

    When you make a time-travel movie, you are trying to do one of two things: make your audience think about paradoxes and physics and the like (see Primer), or make your audience say something along the lines of “Whoa, dude.”