David Jacks

  • Hug a thug. Really.

    The following article is not meant to scare you. It isn’t meant to paint a dreary picture of our city, nor is it intended to make you believe Winnipeg is the Compton of the North. But our city has a gang problem. Before you assume this piece is some right-wing diatribe about locking up kids, I assure you it’s not. The reality is there are approximately 35 active gangs in Winnipeg with about 1,500 active gang members. I’m not necessarily talking about the bar star “gangs” that buy everyone shots at the nightclubs and get custom rims for their Civics and Cameros. The gangs I’m talking about, like the gangs of LA, are products of poverty, exploitation, racial segregation, and colonialism.

  • Picking and choosing

    I’m going to express an opinion that may be unpopular amongst many of my friends.

  • What’s in a name?

    Winnipeggers take great pride in their approximately 236 distinct neighbourhoods, each offering unique histories and characteristics that make them stand out, and give residents a sense of ownership and pride.

  • Proposed changes to immigration rules make it harder to become Canadian

    On February 6, 2014 the Canadian Federal government tabled Bill C-24, a new piece of legislation that proposes changes to the Citizenship Act making it more difficult for many to become Canadian citizens.

  • Sexism isn’t funny

    What does violence against women look like? Many people on campus may be asking this question in light of recent news exposing the disgusting Frosh Week chants at St. Mary’s University and the University of British Columbia. Does a song, or a joke, or a slogan on a t-shirt constitute violence? In short, the answer is “yes”.

  • Your future is calling!

    In Twisted Sister’s famous music video for “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, Mark Metcalf demandingly asks his son “What do you want to do with your life?”

  • The way of the future

    Who will lead the University of Winnipeg beyond 2012?

  • It was our idea first

    The University of Winnipeg is home to one of the most innovative, healthy and cutting-edge campus food providers in the country, if not the world.