Christopher Bryson

Volunteer Staff  

  • A guiding light for writer’s eyes

    The Writer-in-Residence programs

  • A diary on display

    Takashi Iwasaki’s abstract art from abstract ideas


    Comic Con is more than you might think

  • For the love of photography

    In its second year, the FLASH Photographic Festival has been met with growth and open arms.

  • Experience is education

    Determining what to do with your life can be a daunting task, but through the thick of it, what really matters is that you do what fulfills you, even if it takes time to figure out what that is. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want in this life, and more of that time has been spent changing my mind than actually accomplishing my goals. But I’ve come to learn that education along the journey can be just as rewarding as reaching a destination.


    August 20 to 23 Beavercreek Park, Kerry, Manitoba Weekend passes $50 (only sold in the city). Day passes $20 (only sold at the festival gate).


    August 14 to 16 Stonewall, Manitoba Free


    July 30 - Aug 3 Minnedosa, Manitoba Ticket Price: $60 for a day pass, $60 for a camping pass, $160 for a weekend pass, $240 for a deck pass.


    July 17-19 Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba Free to walk the festival grounds


    June 4-5 from 7-10 pm MTS Center $44.95

  • The Thrashers

    The Thrashers’s new LP, Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy, is a chaotic twist of groove-infused surf punk that intermixes elements of rock ‘n roll with emphatic jazz momentum. Their whirling, abrasive mix of boisterous styles is an offbeat sound that somehow feels uniquely in place. It’s music that demands a somatic response

  • Flavours and family from Central America

    Walking through the entranceway the market area sits before you. Taking up a corner of the roughly square restaurant, it’s a glossy, iridescent display of colours that hosts a multitude of Latin American products. The unique scent of Central American dishes being cooked is inescapable.

  • Building a laugh-filled scene

    The Winnipeg Comedy Festival (WCF) is on the horizon again, featuring a boisterous array of comedians to keep your laughter flowing. The festival brings 80-90 comedians from all walks of life to various venues throughout the city.

  • Hungry for closure

    Jordan Tannahill’s play is certain to bring some new perspectives to the notion of cruelty. Late Company is an emotionally riveting drama being held at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Center for a series of shows that continue until March 21.

  • Friends of Foes are friendlier than you think

    Indie-alt-pop quartet Friends of Foes have declared 2015 to be their building year, and rightfully so. With about 55 shows on the horizon, and one set in Winnipeg - Mar. 7 at the Pyramid Cabaret, we can soon bask in their sonic embrace.

  • Sinking Into Some Shawarma Good Times

    Having only tried shawarma for the first time recently, I was intrigued by what tastes awaited me.

  • Satirical Racism and Dialogue

    Alexa Potashnik, a 21-year-old, fourth-year human rights major at the University of Winnipeg, planned an event for Black History Month with the hopes of bringing thought and action to the debate on racism. 

  • Breaching racist terrain with comedy

    Hari Kondabolu has often been witness to and on the receiving end of racist tendencies. Kondabolu, 32, uses his experience to bring new stature to the genre of observational comedy. With a stand-up show at The Park Theatre set for Feb. 19, Kondabolu is sure to leave the audience in a whirl of laughter and inquisitive thought.

  • Whose House? Talia’s House.

    Talia Syrie’s home conveys the same sense of warmth and comfort that her restaurant, The Tallest Poppy, has become known for. The walls are scattered with beautiful and intriguing artwork and images, each piece elegant and alluring in its own magnificent right.

  • Dance party promises

    The Big Fun Festival is set to showcase over 40 of the best up-and-coming artists from Manitoba, as well as some hand-selected acts from across Canada. Running from Jan. 28 to Feb. 1 at venues around the city, the festival is sure to bring warmth to our cold winter nights.