Cameron MacLean

  • Winter biking rises in popularity

    When seen on the road, people tend to use words like crazy. Riding a bicycle in the winter makes no sense to some people, but all the sense in the world to others – even during Winnipeg’s harsh, icy, dark months.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Grant helps innner-city students learn science; DCE sends students on a PacMan hunt; Hockey, yoga, and meditation to beat winter blahs; Green technology research on campus; What’s happening on campus this weekend?

  • Canadian super highways

    Does Canada need a super-highway system like the German Autobahn?

  • Have credit card – will pedal

    Winnipeggers may soon be able to pick up a bike in the Exchange District, ride to Osborne Village and drop it off at The Forks.

  • The only game in town

    Community organizers in the inner city are rallying behind Greg Selinger as their best chance to keep a friendly government in office past the 2011 election.

  • What Doer did

    As Premier Gary Doer nears the end of his time in office, student leaders are lamenting the changes that have been made to the government’s post-secondary education policies since they took power a decade ago.

  • War, capitalism and personal struggle set to sweet beats

    Reggae fans will get more grooves for their green at this year’s Winnipeg Ska & Reggae Festival, with more bands and cheaper ticket prices.
    Now in its fourth year, the festival, which runs Aug. 20 to Aug. 22, features an all-Canadian line-up and includes some of the most respected reggae artists in the country. It wasn’t organizer Matt Henderson’s original plan to feature strictly home-grown talent, but a poor Canadian dollar in January made it tough to book the big acts from Jamaica and the U.S.

  • Holding court from Winnipeg’s cultural city hall

    One year after moving out of the Exchange District, Aqua Books on Garry Street still bears signs of the Chinese restaurant it once was. A glass partition with Chinese symbols on it separates what used to be a sitting area from the rest of the store. The miss-matched stains on the wood walls show where more Chinese decorations used to be.