Caitlyn Gowriluk

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    New policies create inclusive spaces for transgender children

  • When the personal gets political

    Women's issues forum draws large crowd to U of W

  • Smudging in the streets

    Walking down Selkirk Avenue, Winnipeg’s youth exploitation epidemic is hard to ignore. 

    Signs in the windows of community organizations plead: “Don’t buy sex from kids.” 

  • Engender discussion

    From media representations of gender, to inclusive parties and queer art, Winnipeg’s Genderfest has it all. 

  • This article has been removed

    In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, people worldwide have expressed solidarity with the French satirical magazine and the nuances of free speech have made a swift entrance into mainstream conversation.

  • A tough conversation

    It’s time to have a conversation. Actually, it’s far past time.

  • Speaking Volumes

    By its very nature, music is a mode of expression. It affects people in ways that other mediums fail to do and messages conveyed through music often create a ripple effect throughout society.

  • Favourite local brewery

    Since opening in August 2006, Half Pints Brewing Company has come a long way.

    “The acceptance of what we do is considerably different now,” explains David Rudge, brewmaster and president of the company. “People’s attitudes now are very different from the attitudes people had towards us when we first started.”

  • Changing the charter

    When it comes to environmental well-being, many countries have become a physical manifestation of their leaders’ efforts. Unfortunately, Canada is one of them.