Brittany Thiessen

  • Lack of water crisis on First Nations reserves needs addressing

    Imagine that you and your family are living in a northern First Nation community. In addition to the harsh living environment, you lack a necessity that most people take for granted — access to running water.

  • Crime in Winnipeg: Perception of crime far from reality

    Intentionally or not, the media sensationalizes violent and rare criminal offences committed against strangers.

  • Policing the police

    The recent incident of alleged police brutality by a Kelowna RCMP officer is raising concerns about police procedure relating to accountability in cases of excessive force.

  • Conservatives ignore the evidence when it comes to incarceration

    The federal Conservative government’s recent “tough on crime” legislation is having a pronounced impact on prisons, as crowding among prison populations is becoming a more prevalent problem.

  • Legalize it

    On Nov. 2, California voters rejected Proposition 19, a ballot initiative that, if passed, would have legalized personal marijuana possession, use, growth and distribution for adults over the age of 21.

  • No boys allowed?

    Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein, the creators/performers of the 2007 Fringe Festival hit Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women, have returned to Winnipeg, and they’re up to their old tricks.

  • One hundred stories to change a stereotype

    It’s not everyday that you hear the word “grandmother” and “sex trade worker” in the same sentence. But in Aceartinc’s new exhibit 100 Stories About My Grandmother, both play an important role.

  • Cut from the same cloth

    Pop culture relationships can inspire us—to want to love as fiercely as Romeo and Juliet, for example—but they can also make us feel inadequate. Though it’s important to consider that we see these couples through an air brushed lens, the effect they have on our everyday lives is hard to ignore. Below are some of the well-known couples that we’ve laughed with and cried for throughout the years.