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  • A fair share

    Winnipeg’s changing cityscape over the next couple of years will involve the conversion of certain areas of city land to reserve status. The creation of urban reserves, or Aboriginal economic zones, is a process fraught with difficulties due to many factors, but according to Southern Chief’s Organization Grand Chief Terry Nelson, establishing more of them is just a matter of time.

  • Not just noise

    If you’re looking for a warm-up event before JUNO week, look no further than Spur Festival, which runs March 20 – 23. Now in its second year, the annual festival of politics, art and ideas kicks off in Winnipeg before continuing the dialogue across the country.

  • A matter of conversion

    While the debate about the approval of TransCanada Corporation’s Keystone XL pipeline broils south of the border, Canada is dealing with its own pipeline questions. Not the least of these is the matter of TransCanada’s Energy East project, a plan to transport over a million barrels of oil each day from Hardisty, Alberta to refineries across the country in Atlantic Canada.

  • Going the way of the buffalo?

    This week there’s been a lot of excitement over CBC’s annual event called Canada Reads. But what about next week, and the week after that?

  • Remembering Riel

    It’s interesting that Manitoba celebrates the February long weekend as Louis Riel Day, rather than Family Day like other provinces across Canada. After all, the historical grievance that exists here has been affecting local families since it was set in motion in 1870 with the signing of our founding document, the Manitoba Act.

  • Climate changed

    Could catastrophic climate change wipe out the human species within the next 20-30 years?

  • What a ‘Drag

    The closing of the business occupying the main floor of the Autonomous Zone at 91 Albert Street will undoubtedly leave a hole in the heart of the Exchange District.

  • Where the magic happens

    We know the musicians. They’re on stage, in our iPhone earbuds, on the YouTube screen. But what about the people who craft the gear? Two of the world’s finest independent instrument builders are right here in Winnipeg.

  • The Writer

    There’s no shortage of people with talent in this city. The rare finds, though, are those that have a work ethic, drive or attention to detail that matches their natural gifts.

  • The value of play

    There are a few things in life that transcend the divides of language, affluence, status and belief – a few rituals that connect groups of people on a level that words just don’t do justice. These collaborations creating unspoken bonds most often take the form of music, art, dance and sport. When our most ingrained patterns of social behavior become stripped away, what’s left?  

    It’s simple: nothing but play.

  • Limited access, limited success

    There are still well over 13,000 newcomers arriving in Manitoba each year, even though the numbers have dropped since 2011. Over 80 per cent of these foreigners end up living in Winnipeg, the rest elsewhere in the province.  

  • Re-imagining a different kind of future

    Does the term sustainability become watered-down in meaning as it gets employed more and more frequently? Does it mean the same thing for everyone that we can talk about it as something part of the common good? And what is the relationship between sustainability (as in perpetual survival of life on this planet) and decolonization – in what ways must one occur for the other to be possible?

  • The magic of comic con

    It’s a good idea to keep your Halloween costume in wearable condition for more than one night, especially if your plans include attending the Central Canada Comic Con (C4) this weekend.

  • Public invited to CEC’s hydro project hearings

    There’s a rosy picture painted on the PowerSmart building at Portage and St. James, but it may not tell the whole story of the impact of hydroelectric power development – despite it being a renewable energy industry. 

  • Revealing truths through stories

    Don’t miss out on An Evening with Joseph Boyden and Katherena Vermette this Friday, October 18 at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain on 340 Provencher Blvd.

  • Moving forward by looking back

    Monday, October 7 marked the 250 year anniversary of the Royal Proclamation of 1763, and the Idle No More movement stepped back into the public consciousness with a day of action to commemorate the historical event with gatherings all across Canada and around the world.

  • The green in between

    Green space: unnatural nature. Serving the purpose of efficiency, urban planning and design allow dense populations to access everything they need, or need to do, in a timely fashion – the city. The way it looks correlates to the way its infrastructure gets organized around its most vigorous economic activity – the cityscape.

  • Transmission permission?

    There are many opponents of Manitoba Hydro’s controversial Bipole III transmission line project, a 1300 km right-of-way that would run from Gillam towards The Pas and then down the west side of Lake Manitoba and back to Winnipeg.

  • None the Wiser

    Opening with the brooding popper “Tipping Time” (fleshed out by the harmonies of the Sweet Alibi), the latest from local group None the Wiser contains 13 tracks of 90s nostalgic goodness (think the best of I Mother Earth & Our Lady Peace) in a way that the indie kids aren’t cumming all over (though maybe they will - there’s a lot of alto sax on here).

  • Fairly styled

    One year after re-opening its doors under a new name and new owner, 1104 Beauty Bar is looking to set the trend with its focus on eco-friendly products and an artistic approach to hair and esthetics.

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