Braiden Pergis

  • Land, water and the health of the environment

    A thesis written by Natasha J. Szach argues that preserving water will give the Indigenous community a chance to move from being a stakeholder into a partner when governing the Canadian people.

  • Building community in the commons

    The WestEnd Commons, a part of the St. Matthews Non-Profit Housing Incorporation, is now located in the newly remodeled St. Matthew’s Anglican Church.

  • Youth walk out for solidarity

    On March 14, Grant Park High School students and staff hosted a walkout in support of the students and victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla. 

  • Band-Aid solution to justice

    Winnipeg has the largest Indigenous population across Canada with 38,700 First Nations, 52,130 Métis and 315 Inuit people. Yet the province of Manitoba lacks both Gladue reports and Gladue courts to represent this growing population.

  • Clean and Clear Concrete

    Weather in Winnipeg means watching a snowman melt one day, then adding an extra coat of snow the next. 

  • Behind the rock wall

    Youth for Christ's (YFC) decision to build near the North End has stirred up some controversy.

  • It’s time to talk

    The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Manitoba and Winnipeg is holding the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course.

  • WE24 continues to keep kids safe

    The West End 24 Hour Safe Space (WE24), a branch of the Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA), is providing a safe, positive environment for youth in the West End of Winnipeg.   

  • Crime and safety in Winnipeg

    Winnipeg keeps its reputation as the most unsafe city in Canada, according to a CBC report, but the perceptions about safety in this city can run deep.

  • Calling all anime Fans

    Ai-Kon is an non-profit organization that holds an annual Japanese and pop culture convention in Winnipeg.

  • Talk about sexual awareness and health

    Between Feb. 12 and 16, the Sexuality Education Resource Centre Manitoba (SERC) will host Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week on the topic of “Minding Our Business”: Sexual Health & Mental Wellness.

  • Energizing the Canadian Community

    Every form of environment is filled with energy: in social environments, workplaces and in nature. People use energy in several different ways throughout their daily lives, and every action has an impact on the environment.

  • Arts take on racism

    Art is a form of expression that people can use to make political statements. The Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation (CCMF) is exploring the impacts of racism in society through the 48-hour Anti-Racism Film Festival hoping to spark conversation about racism in communities.

  • Marketing the artisans

    Pop-up markets happen during different times of the year with some happening around holidays – like Valentine’s Day. On Feb. 11, artisans will hold the Half Moon Market Valentine’s Fling (HMMVF) at the Inn at the Forks in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

  • Start-up works to keep athletes safe

    People might play sports for leisure and enjoyment, but should also take safety precautions, since they’re at risk of injuries. 

  • Reaching a political balance

    Male politicians currently outnumber female politicians in the Manitoba legislature 43 to 14. Equal Voice Manitoba (EVM) wants to change that by getting more women involved in politics, which could improve representation in local government.