Brad Pennington

  • Wesmen volleyball wrap-up

    The men’s and women’s Wesmen volleyball teams are perfect examples of the circle of life. All good things must come to an end, while new life brings exciting possibilities.

  • SFU hit threes early and often against Winnipeg

    On Friday, Feb. 6, the University of Winnipeg Wesmen (13-8) took on the Simon Fraser University Clan (21-1) in women’s basketball action. SFU ended up on top as they dominated Winnipeg 87-56.

  • Weird team names

    Naming your sports team used to be easy – just pick some dangerous animal and you’re set. Unfortunately, there are way more sports teams in the world then there are dangerous animals, so there’s a lot of team names that range from hilarious to “what in the world were they thinking.”

  • NFL Picks

    Welcome back! Our final installments of the NFL Picks will highlight the culmination of the NFL season as the post-season winds down. This week, we look over the AFC and NFC conference championships. The regular season doesn’t matter anymore. Every game could be the last. Check your insight against ours, including last year’s NFL Picks champ: Scott!