Adam Johnston


  • Failure to launch

    Canada’s failure to keep its climate commitments reflects the need for more people to do any heavy lifting when it comes to taking climate action and the crisis head-on.

  • Cycling safety

    As summer winds down, Winnipeg’s cycling safety remains in question. Despite some progress with various speed reductions in neighbourhood zones, poor city planning and toxic car culture still make Winnipeg’s biking community feel unsafe.

  • The world through two wheels

    The bicycle is one of the simplest forms of transportation on the planet.

  • Zero fares

    Security concerns are impacting Winnipeg Transit’s image and discouraging ridership.

  • Climate politics

    Provincial election holds promise for climate change progress

  • Manitoba still lacking solid environmental plan

    Once again, the Manitoba government has put out another document in its feeble attempt to promote a real, solid, economically powerful vision of sustainable development for this province.

  • Real environmental leaders

    Which of the following groups has the best chance of mitigating and adapting to climate change, spurring innovation to lead a high tech economy and developing renewable energy on a mass scale for those people and areas of the world who can’t afford it?

  • It’s not easy being green

    Many within the environmental movement discuss issues with overly simplistic solutions or with end-of-the-world type scenarios that give people little hope.

  • Creating a solution

    Perhaps the most important baseline in an economy is energy use. Energy is what makes the global economy go around. Without energy, the transportation, commercial and manufacturing sectors would have a very hard time functioning, and the global economy would face serious challenges.

  • Pass it here

    As a sports fan who spent the better part of three and a half years at the University of Winnipeg, I often felt that sports were a taboo subject.

  • A generation lost, but with potential

    If you look at recent stats, Generation Y – people between the ages of 18 and 30 – is under the gun.

  • Lack of think tanks mind-boggling

    Manitoba is often criticized by analysts for its lack of innovative economic policy.

  • Recent Canadian election shows opportunity to have a centrist voice

    The May 2 federal election shook the political landscape. For the first time in a while, Canada is going to see a very polarized parliament.

  • The telecommunications times, they are a-changing

    In recent years, the relevance of the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in the 21st century has come into question.

  • A fuel source to approach with caution

    With the atmospheric carbon emissions levels hovering around 391 parts per million (ppm) as of January 2011, and the threat of rising global oil prices, the need to reduce carbon emissions and reliance upon oil is increasingly clear.

  • Time for activists to change their tune

    Debate often rages with regard to the role activism and protests play in a globalized society.

  • A step towards greening the economy

    In November, Manitoba’s NDP government announced its 2010 Throne Speech.

  • University of Winnipeg needs a little TED

    With the TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference coming to Winnipeg in February, perhaps it is time that the University of Winnipeg create an event similar to TED for graduating students or recent graduates to promote their ideas about technological, design, environmental and poverty concerns.

  • Rebooting government and economics

    Our government and business institutions have not woken up to the challenges that are facing them, even after the great recession of 2008 and the verge of economic collapse.

  • Look south, left

    Winnipeg’s progressive left community should look to Minneapolis for an example of a progressive city after losing the 2010 municipal election.

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