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  • Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche

    Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche's thing, other than having an extremely long name, is playing, in their own words, “Kraut-funk,” which is to say that they play trance-inducing, multi-part motorik suites.

  • Cub Sport

    This Is Our Vice is a great synth-pop record for a casual listen as well as an energizing one. 

  • Human Music

    With most of the music industry relying on computers and machines to play music, the local indie band Human Music takes it back a few decades to when the music was still played by humans.

  • Attica Riots - Love Sunshine & Hysteria

    Long-time fans of Attica Riots and their electrifying live set finally have something to take home.

  • Animal Teeth - A List of Things to Say

    Animal Teeth’s second album comes as a great addition to their discography. 

  • Coma Cinema - Loss Memory

    The fifth and final album from Coma Cinema, Loss Memory, is a wonderfully emotional and original final statement from multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Matthew Lee Cothran

  • Ancient Shapes - Self-titled

    Ancient Shapes’ debut record starts fast and ends faster. This quick-paced album throws the listener straight into the band’s hands, giving barely enough time for a breather.

  • 4th Curtis -  I Won the Pageant

    4th Curtis has created a wonderfully clever and theatrical indie pop album with their 2017 debut full-length, I Won The Pageant.

  • notme - Mask

    If your New Year’s resolution was to listen to more local shoegaze music, then your year is already off to a good start.

  • Beverly Tender

    Just in time to begin hibernating for the winter, Beverly Tender deliver another album full of brilliant and well-informed angular indie rock.

  • Friendship, Shock out of Season

    This is yet another beautiful release from Chicago-based Orindal Records.

  • The Famous Sandhogs

    The album cover for this CD was, and still is, a drawing of a red guy done in marker with the name of the band and album taped onto it. This is because The Famous Sandhogs are a Wacky Band.

  • The New Customs - All Walls Fall

    A neo-folk duo from our very own city, The New Customs is made up of locals Emma Cloney and Dale Brown. 

  • Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds from Another Planet

    As a whole, Soft Sounds from Another Planet is badass, fun, but also heartbreaking.

  • Animal Teeth - A List of Things to Say

    The three new preview tracks from Animal Teeth’s upcoming release, A List of Things to Say (out Nov. 4 on Slow Shine Records), stay within the band’s dreamy sadcore indie pop-rock aesthetic.

  • Andy Shauf - The Party

    Andy Shauf’s fourth album, The Party is a twist from all of his previous albums.

  • Prophets of Rage - Self-titled

    If you’re tired of hearing the repetitive themes that are found within much of new music today and are interested in hearing songs with both a unique sound and point of view, then look no further than the debut album from Prophets of Rage.

  • Faith Healer - Try ;)

    Try ;), Edmonton act Faith Healer’s sophomore album, begins in medias res, with the drone of a dial tone.

  • Jay Som

    Everybody Works is bedroom dream pop in its fullest fine form.

  • The Shins

    James Mercer and company are back after a five-year hiatus with an album that triumphantly returns to their indie-pop primed, psych-folk spangled, surf-tinged rock.

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